Support - Tier 2 – Vision Miner

Support - Tier 2

Vision Miner

Our Tier 2 Support package covers the essential calls for learning your 3D printer -- 4 hours of phone time with our expert technicians, each month, as well as elevated email support for anything you may need. 

This applies to you if:

  • You have no experience 3D printing, and need step-by-step help learning slicers, model design, and techniques for printing.

If you purchased a machine, you are AUTOMATICALLY covered for support fixing the machine, or if anything goes wrong, and troubleshooting mechanical issues.

If you need support tuning your part, this is a fantastic package to get you on the fast-track with our experts -- whether you need a video chat, phone call, or email support, we've got your back!


Printing Consulting Calls: 5 hours

Email Support:  Priority

On-Site Maintenance & Support: Standard Pricing

Non-Consumable Spares: 5% Discount

Consumable Spares: 5% Discount

Software Updates: Free