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Carbon Fiber PEEK is regarded as one of the highest performing engineering thermoplastics in the world. PEEK is used to fabricate items used in demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and medical industries.

  • Extremely Strong, Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant
  • More Resistant to Abrasion and Wear than Titanium and Steel
  • Chemically Inert - Insoluble in Most Environments
  • 80% Less Weight than Comparable Metals
  • Used in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Oil & Gas industries
  • Tg 187°C, Melting Point of 343°C



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Carbon Fiber Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) PEEK polymers are obtained by step-growth polymerization. PEEK is a semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures.

Carbon Fiber PEEK in particular has an excellent adhesion between layers, on the Z-Axis, which results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability and the printing process. 

Carbon reinforced PEEK is also MUCH more dimensionally stable when printing, and has significantly less challenges with warping, curling, and oozing. It's seriously a joy to print -- we love it!

We've successfully run over 1300 PSI of hydraulic pressure through a CFPEEK coupler -- the Z-Axis was much stronger compared to even regular PEEK. 


Physical Properties

Property Testing Method Typical Value
Density ISO 1183 1,26 g/cm3



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