NILS 480

SKU: FZ156
Available Late 2024, early 2025

With the reinvented productivity in the NILS 480 you can print much more, continously.

Key advantages of the NILS 480

Innovative automated systems
With its Continous Printing and Automatic Powder Dispensing Systems, you can do the same work much more efficiently. If you print a lot, these features really matter.

Industrial printing speed
The NILS 480 is equipped with the Galvo laser scanning system. This means most printing jobs can be finished within 24 hours.

Industrial build size
The NILS 480 meets the industrial market standard for size, enabling you to print much more at lower prices per part.

Best ROIon the SLS market
With the speed, build size and automated work the NILS brings, you achieve superior ROI in an industrial SLS printer – in as little as 40 days.

Continuous Printing System
With this solution, fill the powder once and print two full beds or a few lower print beds. All of this without repeating the print preparation process and powder filling. How does the NILS do this? The previous bed automatically ejects, lifting a full cake to the cooling box. The printing bed comes back and another print automatically begins.

Easy operation
With automated systems, an effective ecosystem with post-processing, and easy material change, you can be sure the printing experience will be smooth and simple.

Automatic Powder Dispensing System
Just fill the container with powder and let the printer manage the rest of the process. This is possible thanks to the special closed powder circuit, which circulates the powder and automates the powder dispensing. No manual work with powder is required until you receive the final print cake.

32 open printing parameters
Each of our materials has an optimized profile that allows you to gain the best quality and personalization. When you’re ready to modify or make your own profile for changing printout properties, the NILS’ 32 parameters can be adjusted.

Top printing quality is always our priority. Order a sample and touch it to instantly see-and feel-what we mean.

What is an Open SLS 3D printer?
The temperature distribution is crucial in the Selective Laser Sintering printing process.
The 22 heating elements spread across four heating zones enable you to strictly control the temperature variations inside the printer. The resulting array of options for modifying and adjusting parameters allows you to optimize the printing process for developed materials, test new research methodologies, and receive top-quality printouts.



Much more, coming VERY soon from the team here at Vision Miner!