Vision Miner

Carbon Fiber Nylon 6 is extremely strong, rigid, and has excellent dimensional stability while printing. With an even, matte-black finish, this filament is one of our favorites. Made with Nylon6, this filament has a Heat Deflection Temperature of 147°C, so it can be used in higher-temp situations than other Carbon Fiber Nylon filaments.

    • Extremely Strong
    • Extremely Rigid
    • Easy to print, very little warping
    • Hardened Steel Nozzles Recommended
    • 1.75mm (+/- .05mm)




Nozzle: 240-270°C. Vision Miner Hardened Steel Recommended.
Buildplate: 80 - 110°C
Bed Adhesion: PVP GlueStick, Kapton Tape, IMPERIC VM105 Glue
Print Speeds: 40-80mm/s
Drying - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: This filament must be dried before use, even when brand-new. This thermoplastic is extremely hydrophilic, meaning it will absorb moisture quickly. When popping, oozing, and nozzle-buildup occurs, it must be dehydrated. You can use a convection oven at 70-80°C for 2-6 hours. Check back often to ensure the spool is not warping.

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