Sinterit Studio Advanced

Sinterit Studio helps you optimize the entire printing process and gives you many more printing options than competing solutions offer.

Intuitive interface

Clear steps in our 3D printing software guide you quickly and easily through all printing preparation stages.

Auto-nesting feature

Use this feature to place multiple models with a few clicks and make this stage even faster.

Open printing parameters

Achieve better mechanical, functional, and aesthetic properties – use 32 printing parameters for pre-defined Sinterit material and custom material profiles.

How does it work?
The Sinterit Studio guides you smoothly through the 3D printing process. Find more information about the main steps below.

1. STEP – Preset
> Choose the printer and its correct revision.
> Find the powder you want to use.
> Define the layer height

2. STEP – Models
> Upload your model
> Find the correct position and orientation for the model

3. STEP – Slice
> Slice your models
> See printing details

4. STEP – Preview
> Track printing process layer by layer

Sinterit Studio functionalities
Auto-nesting (auto packing)
Thanks to the auto-nesting functionality, it’s now possible to automatically and optimally distribute the desired elements within the printer’s chamber.

Slicing lets you transform uploaded models into layers so the printer can have clear instructions for how to print. You can also view all layers before starting the print.

Pre-defined profiles for Sinterit materials
All Sinterit materials compatibile with the printers have already set printing parameters so you can simply upload models, slice them and send them to the printer.

32 open printing parameters
If you choose a custom material for your print, or want to change the profiles for Sinterit’s materials, you can use 32 open printing parameters to adjust the mechanical, functional, or aesthetic properties of the print. Save new profiles to use them again.

Model scaling
If you need to rescale an uploaded model, you can simply adjust the scale instead of changing the model in the CAD software.

Changing the layer height
Depending on the design, you may need to adjust the layer height. This impacts precision a little but can be useful when you need prints faster. Other solutions often allow you to only use only a pre-defined layer height.

WiFi connection
Pair your software with machines. Then, if you want to send models directly to the printer, all you need to do is choose the correct printer in the preset section. Send files is a snap.

Easy access to printing information for all your printers
All information about printing status and printers is visible in the Printers section.