Funmat HT Firmware

How to update the firmware on the Funmat HT 

  1. Connect the printer to your PC with the included USB cable
  2. Open IntamSuite
  3. Choose "Settings" -> "Printers"
  4. Select your printer, and click “Upgrade Firmware”
  5. click “Upload custom Firmware”
  6. Select the new firmware file and upload
  7. Power off the printer and unplug the USB cable, and restart the printer.

If you have trouble connecting, cycle power several times and keep trying. Sometimes it takes a few tries to connect.



Funmat HT Enhanced

June 2019 Firmware 0605

April 2019 Firmware 0409

March 2019 Firmware 0326

March 2019 Firmware 0322

March 2019 Firmware 0311

January 2019 Firmware 0130

Legacy Funmat HT

June 2018 (TMC2208 Drivers) Firmware 1.2

Before June 2018 (A4988 Drivers) Firmware 1.1