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These EinScan Scanners are fast, accurate, and portable, making them a versatile and reliable 3D scanning solution. Rapid scanning and watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-watertight data for reverse engineering applications, they meet the requirements for most highly accurate 3D scans. 

With ergonomic designs and light weight, these multi-functional 3D scanners are portable and fit for any duration of handheld scan -- a small object, or a large vehicle, they can do it all.  Perfect for educators, designers, and home hobbyists, anyone who wants to explore the capabilities of 3D design and printing.




Best for basic scans, medical devices, small parts & fixed scanning


Best for automotive, automating lots of small parts, large objects, fixed & handheld scans


Best for Body Scanning, uses infrared light for dark colored objects, medical models


Best for all reflective & dark surfaces, uses blue laser, excellent for automotive & manufacturing


Budget option for fixed scans, and automated turntable scans


Metrology-Grade scanning for small parts (accuracy ≤10μm)


High-Resolution + High Detail Color Scanning (accuracy ≤ 0.035mm)


Affordable, Consumer-grade scanner with Professional Workflow!



Packages include software like GeoMagic Essentials, for processing scan data and parametric modeling, 

and some include a tripod + turntable along with other tools. 

3D Printer Bundle

Includes the Vision Miner 22 IDEX,

and your choice of scanner package


EinScan Pro HD

RED Bundle

Includes Pro HD Industrial Pack with Turntable and Tripod, along with 3D Systems GeoMagic Essentials Reverse Engineering Software

EinScan HX

RED Bundle

Includes 3D Systems GeoMagic Essentials Reverse Engineering Software


Color Pack Accessory for enabling full-color scans on Pro 2X Series
Pelican-Style Hard Case for Traveling with your Scanners
Tripod and Turntable combo, for automating scans on the Pro 2X Series Scanners
Tripod and Turntable combo, for automating scans on the Pro 2X Series Scanners

3D Scanning Spray

Super-Thin Spray-Style Coatings for 3D Scanning dark objects with structured light
Disappears COMPLETELY with zero residue, in a matter of hours!


Disappears in 1-4 hours

AESUB Orange

Disappears in 24 hours


Can be cleaned off

AESUB 6-Pack

Bulk Deals!


If I want a color (texture) scan, should I get the Pro HD with a color pack or the H/HX?

The color/texture is the same, between all models -- the H, HX, and Pro HD.

The markers are really sticky - can they be less tacky?

They are sticky becuase all objects have different surface energy, so they will stick very well to some things but not as well to others, so we found the best "sweet spot" we could -- however, you can also use other objects as markers

How many markers do I need on my part?

The scanner needs to see at least 4 markers at a time -- a good rule of thumb is to place the markers asymmetrically, about 3-4 inches apart (or 4-fingers apart)

How do I get the markers off?

You can peel them off by hand, or use a small plastic marker remover which is included in some of the bundle packs

Can I use other markers?

Yes, you can use magnetic markers, or make your own markers and apply them with sticky-tack, or you can put markers on a flat table surface, and then simply place your part on the table, and then it is very easy to delete the extra data of the table once you have a scan :) You can even use a pice of 2x4 wood, with markers on it, as a reference point for the scanned object.

If you use a spray and markers at the same time, do you need to wipe excess spray off markers for them to work?

The color/texture is the same, between all models -- the H, HX, and Pro HD.

Can I scan just my markers, and then scan the object?

Yes, this is a very good way to get a good alignment on larger objects, between scans.

Can you go back to a previously scanned object and do measurements, so long as you still have the original files saved?

Yes, you can!

For a small object like this, would the ProHD in Fixed mode produce a better scan (with spray) or HX in laser mode?

The Pro HD in fixed mode would give better results if you spray down this reflective. The Pro 2x 2020 would give you the highest resolution at a 0.16mm point distance out of all these units for small objects.

For the "data" setting under scan preferences in HX scan, what is this used for?

Generally, if you're scanning a reflective dark surface, you want the data set towards "integrity", wheeas if it's a light colored object, you can go for "quality"

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