Metal Spools for Dehydrating Filament: Dry your PEEK and ULTEM Effectively!

If you've ever tried to dry your high-temp filament, you've probably run into warping, melting, or broken spools...

Solvay Ketaspire® PEEK and Radel® PPSU AM Filaments - Tensile Strength Testing Parts Overview!

Today Jay shows off some of the prints we did for the testing labs over at Solvay -- they sent out their new filaments for testing, and we printed 150+ parts to tune them all in for the highest strength.

High Temperature 3D Printing Service & Consultation for PEEK, ULTEM™, PPSU and more!

We're going at it! If you need PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, PSU, CFPA6, or other high-performance plastics 3D Printed on-demand -- we're here to help!

Renishaw Equator 300 CMM - High Speed Comparative Gauge System

The Equator gauge is unique in its design and method of operation, and has already changed the thinking of thousands of production engineers, making it their new gauge of choice.

Radian Open Frame Fiber & Co2 Galvo-based Laser Systems

Radian Laser Systems, Anaheim, CA was established in 2002 to produce high-quality industrial laser solutions utilizing galvo-based CO2 and fiber laser sources.

Making Post Processing by Hand Easier than Ever - Shaviv USA

Shaviv - The world leader in deburring solutions expands its range of solutions for home and professional use.

05 The Sugino Barriquan™ Robotic Deburring Machine 1

Barriquan Robotic Mechanical Deburring Machine Completely Automated.