Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing DEBUNKING: Carbon Fiber does not make parts inherently stronger There's a conversation out there, assessing that...

Vision Miner Featured in 3D Printing Magazine, Fabbaloo

This week, Vision Miner’s VP and co-founder Rob Lent was featured in online 3D Printing magazine Fabbaloo for an exclusive...

Intamsys Reveals Next-Gen High-Temp 3D Printer - Funmat Pro 410

With long-awaited features, such as dual extruders, auto bed-leveling, jam warning systems (in addition to filament detection systems), the 410 is positioned to be a prototype-to-production workhorse. 

PEEK’s Place in Aerospace

Ever since the early 80’s, PEEK has been all the rage in the aerospace industry. Not only is it light-weight, but it is also strong, resistant to chemicals, and tough against wear and tear.

PEEK 3D Printing - A Brief History

More and more companies look to 3D Printing for lean manufacturing and prototyping. High-temperature thermoplastics like PEEK and ULTEM™ are superb filament choices.

PEEK, PEI, PAEK, PEKK: What Does It All Mean?

With material titles like PEEK, PEI, PAEK, and PEK, high-temperature 3D printing can be a confusing, challenging realm. We're here with the breakdown.

What Makes a Good PEEK Printer?

PEEK 3D Printing is a challenge, so purchasing the right printer for the job is absolutely essential to get started. All elements of your 3D Printer need to involve a masterful control of heating and cooling to maintain print quality. 

Medical Case Study on Bionic Knee - 3D Printed in PEEK

The knee is one of the most vulnerable and short-life hinge joints in the human anatomy, with an average life...