Freescan Combo

Experience the first marker-free laser 3D scanning with the FreeScan Trio, tailored for versatility across all your projects. This handheld 3D laser scanner integrates the power of three 5-megapixel industrial cameras, providing exceptional detail capture and high-quality 3D data.

Key Features:

  • 98 laser lines for marker-free scanning
  • Speed up to 3,010,000 points/s
  • Three 5 megapixel cameras
  • Accuracy up to 0.02 mm with markers
  • 4 scanning modes and built-in photogrammetry


Financing Options Available!

Email and ask for a 60-second application, choose an option below:


The FreeScan Trio boasts 98 laser lines for capturing intricate details without the need for physical markers, streamlining your workflow. Precision isn't just a feature; it's a promise. With 20 years of engineering expertise and key patents, this scanner is the ideal tool for quality control, inspection, and reverse engineering.

  • Metrology-Grade Accuracy

    Achieve metrology-level scanning precision with an accuracy of up to 0.02mm (0.0007"), enabling you to not only reverse engineer, but inspect your parts. Combine with a license for Geomagic Design X or Control X, and automate your inspection process and reports for hundreds of parts, all in a single click. 

  • Multiple Modes, Perfect for Any application

    Switch to the 26 laser lines mode for swift, effortless scanning with a 650x580mm field of view, getting your projects done quickly and efficiently. The optimized software algorithms generate 3D data in real-time, offering guidance throughout the scanning process.

    For exceptional detail, the 7 and single laser lines modes allow for minimum point distances of 0.01mm, perfect for capturing the most intricate features. Built-in photogrammetry achieves remarkable volumetric accuracy, ensuring that every dimension of your project is captured with the utmost precision.

  • Deep Hole Data Acquisition

    Capture detailed information from deep holes effortlessly with optimized lens angles and scanning capabilities of the FreeScan Trio. One of the biggest challenges is getting down into holes, in something like an engine block, or casting mold -- the single laser line changes that, making it EASY to get data that was previously impossible to capture. 


Download these files to check out the resolutions possible on the Scanner!

Import them into your Mesh software, or CAD software, like Fusion 360 or Solidworks, and take a look!

Some files contain just an STL, others contain the full ASC data and other files. 

Coming VERY soon! 


Blue Laser & VSCEL Infrared Scanner

Standalone Scanner Includes:

- Freescan Combo Scanner

- Pelican-style Travel Case

- Freescan Scanning Software