Vision Miner


Founded with the purpose of providing functional, industrial, and affordable 3D printing equipment, for businesses and manufacturing companies, Vision Miner is forging a future where the workflow between product concept, prototyping, refinement, and final production becomes seamless.

Vision Miner lives on the cutting edge of high-temperature 3D printing, working with the equipment and materials we sell. In doing so, we’ve become one of the only printing companies in the United States that possesses a strong foundation of printing in materials like PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and Carbon Fiber.

Not only does Vision Miner provide equipment solutions, but we also set customers up for success through consulting packages, enabling your company to optimize the way you produce your products.

Vision Miner is quickly becoming a primary resource for high-temperature plastic printing technologies. As a leader exploring and pushing the forefront of Additive Manufacturing, Vision Miner is changing how companies and consumers can utilize advanced 3D printing technologies.





Patrick Smith, Founder, CEO

Patrick Smith 

CEO & Founder

With over twenty years spent prototyping, developing, and engineering new technologies, Patrick's industrious perspective on technology drives him to constantly keep Vision Miner at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry. After revolutionizing the drone industry with innovations like camera-equipped drones and gimbal technology, Patrick created Vision Miner to expand businesses’ choices for manufacturing and production. His focus is for Vision Miner to help as many people as they possibly can -- to help others start and build their companies, and to help take their companies to another level.

Robert Lent, VP & Co-Founder

Rob Lent 

VP & Co-Founder

Rob’s vision for functional 3D printing has become his passion, and combined with his background in customer relations, graphic design, and advertising, he is committed to making additive manufacturing an accessible tool for businesses and consumers alike. With an array of practical experience in functional 3D printing, with thousands of hours printing high-temperature plastics, Rob is dedicated to helping companies get the right tools and training to harness the power of polymers like PEEK.

Daniel Barfield, Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Daniel Barfield 

Applications Engineer

Like a Swiss Army Knife of skills, Vision Miner’s Daniel Barfield brings his experience as a welder, woodworker, and metal machinist. With a background in engineering, from leading robotics teams and to his studies at Cal State Long Beach, Daniel acts as the company’s Additive Manufacturing Technical Engineer, focused on 3D printing engineering-grade polymers.

Matt Masamori, Digital Media Producer

Matt Masamori

Digital Media Producer

Vision Miner’s Matt Masamori has always held a passion for visual media and cinematography, and brings his eye for visual media and production to the team. With experience in marketing and film at Cal State Long Beach, Matt aims to produce media that turns 3D printing topics into a visually exciting and entertaining experience for any audience.

Jon Logrippo, Technical Writer

Jon Logrippo 

Technical Writer

Focusing on bridging the gap between engineering knowledge and the consumer market, Vision Miner’s Technical Writer Jonathan Logrippo has skills dealing with public speaking, writing, and online communication. With a background in business from Babson College and in engineering experience in robotics, Jonathan looks to represent this cutting-edge technology to the general populace.

Jean Pierre, Logistics & Inventory Management

Jean Paul Maravi 

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

An expert in packing & shipping solutions, Jean Paul ensures we get all of our cutting-edge products direct to the customers door safely and securely. With over 15 years of experience, JP is an expert in dealing with international trade and shipping, giving us the edge to support and ship to over 60 countries.

Josh Agregado, Applications Engineer - Electrical

Josh Agregado

Applications Engineer

With a background in electrical engineering and UAV design, Vision Miner's Josh Agregado brings an invaluable skillset to the team.