3D Printing Profiles Are Useless and Here's Why | 3D Printing Myths and Misconceptions

The tough reality is that there are no universal settings, as each machine will require a different setting to fit different part geometries, different material types, even different geographic regions. Even in the instance of PLA, two different filament rolls of PLA can differ on age, brand, and moisture. When you move onto higher-temperature plastics like PEEK or PEI, this disparity increases.

How to Tune Your 3D Printer - Getting the Best out of Your 3D Printer and Material

3D Printing is a far more complex and involved process, especially for high-temperature applications with advanced materials.

Using Markers With the Einscan HX - Porsche Valve Cover Scan | Will it Scan?

The Einscan HX is one of our favorite scanners here at Vision Miner and today, Rob is going to show you how to utilize the included markers to create incredibly accurate and fast scans using this Porsche valve cover.

Texture and Color 3D Scanning Tutorial with the Einscan HX from Shining 3D | Will it Scan?

The Einscan HX is one of the most capable and powerful 3D scanners on the market with its ability to scan virtually anything. Today, Rob will show you how to make use of the texture scanning mode as well as the color scanning mode that come with the HX.

Using 3D Printing to fix our Rode Microphone - Design to Part in under 30 minutes

Why did we pick CF Nylon for this part? CF Nylon is an incredibly versatile material for many applications. In this case, its high print accuracy combined with its strength made it the perfect candidate to print out a very thin part like this. 

3D Printing Solutions: Made for Users, By Users - Nano Polymer Adhesive and More!

3D Printing is tricky and we get it. Since 2017 we’ve spent thousands of hours printing away and have seen just about every possible way it can go wrong. We understand how frustrating it can be and we’re with you. That’s why we embarked on a journey to create a line of 3D printing solutions for users, by users. Nano Polymer Adhesive was the first product we launched three years ago and we’re blessed to see how much of an impact it has had on all our customers around the world.

3D Scanning Mother Boards - Einscan HX vs Pro HD | Will it Scan?

Should you buy the Einscan HX or the Pro HD? Here's a comparison -- buy them here:

Will it Scan? Sony RX10 Mirrorless Camera | Einscan HX vs Pro HD Workflows

Should you buy the Einscan HX or the Pro HD? Here's a comparison -- buy them here:

Carbon Fiber Nylon FAQ Part 1 - We Answer Your Most Asked Questions About Printing CFPA Filaments

Last year we released a video on Carbon Fiber Nylon and you all seemed to love it! You guys also had A LOT of questions on how to print it, what printers and settings to use, etc. So we're here today to answer your questions from that video! Subscribe if you're not already so you know when Part 2 comes out!

Ferrari SF90 Exhaust Downpipe - 3D Scanned with the Shining3D EinScan HX

You’ve been asking for us to scan a multitude of car parts and we’re here to deliver. Today Rob demonstrates how to 3D scan a downpipe for a Ferrari SF90 Stradale. So why might you want a 3D scan of a downpipe or any other exhaust system component? In this case, our friends at Boden Autohaus are creating a custom exhaust for a customer’s SF90 and instead of guessing and trying to create a 3D file from scratch, a 3D scan provides an accurate starting point to create custom flanges, mounting components and more. We have more videos coming soon for other car parts and even whole cars. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you know when those come out. 

22 IDEX - High Temperature Dual Extrusion 3D Printer for PEEK, ULTEM, PPS and Carbon Fiber 2022

A High-temperature, performance 3D printer platform for business - for PEEK, ULTEM, PEKK, PPS, and other superpolymers for industrial applications. 

Introducing the 22 IDEX 3D Printer - by Vision Miner

We are proud to present the 22 IDEX, our latest offering for Additive Manufacturing. With dual, 500C nozzles, heated chamber, large build area and next level motion system, the 22 IDEX is designed to maximize the potential of high temperature, industrial 3D printing at a competitive price point. For more information, visit our website at