Can you 3D scan a camera? Today we’re scanning a camera body – this beautiful Sony RX10 IV – this is a super awesome camera capable of 1000fps and 600mm zoom and it’s treated us well over the past 2 and a half years. But why would you want a 3D scan of a camera? Accessories, accessories, accessories! There are unlimited possibilities with a 3D model of a camera and some good CAD software. Custom cages, rigs, mounts, special attachments, handles, you name it! You can create things that aren’t currently made, or maybe you want to make it yourself for cheaper. Maybe you’ve got a RED DSCM2 body, or an ARRI Alexa, and you want to make accessories – or attach it to a drone, or integrate a gopro, or custom housing rig – there’s a lot of options, and custom rigs happen a lot in high-budget productions. 

Should you buy the Einscan HX or the Pro HD? Here's a comparison -- buy them here:

The HX is a highly capable laser scanner, about $2000 more than the Pro HD -- but the Pro HD has an automated turntable. What's the trade-off? The HX can scan dark objects, without any modification -- whereas the Pro HD generally needs a disappearing scanning spray.