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Vision Miner Complete Terms and Conditions

Please Read Completely and do not continue until you completely understand and agree to all the following terms and conditions set forth.

By using this website as a tool for viewing information, or by using this website to purchase products from. Users, persons and or companies hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.


Trademark Copyright Notice

No person or company may use this site for any other reason other than shopping for and placing an order for product or service. All materials appearing on this site, including pictures, text, diagrams, instructions, assembly, links, videos, logos, graphics, images, are sole property of Vision Miner. No person or company may copy, modify, reproduce, download, upload, republish, distribute or transmit any material off this site without our prior written permission. All rights for such acts are exclusively reserved by Vision Miner. Any unauthorized use of the materials on this website, any use of Vision Miner Trademark and any use of our Copyrights may violate trademark and copyright laws, and will result in civil penalties and or criminal charges.

Vision Miner is a Trademark licensed by the United States government. Any use of this name, or any name used that is closely similar will be a direct Trademark infringement. Vision Miner will seek Punitive damages against anyone or any company infringing on such trademark or copyright.

Any company using a Vision Miner domain or any domain closely resembling it will be violating cybersquatting laws. Any person or company found to be Cyber-squatting will have legal actions taken against them. Vision Miner will seek and exhaust all efforts in seeking monetary loss and punitive damages from any such infringements. Copyright © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Website and Email Communication Privacy Notice

Any messages sent though this website, and or through any Vision Miner email account, is strictly confidential and only intended for the intended recipients viewing and information.

The information contained in such communications and or emails (which means the narrative, attachments and links) is intended only for the personal and confidential use of the recipient(s) specifically named therein. To the extent that the information is confidential to Vision Miner, it is not to be disclosed to any others (without prior written consent from Vision Miner), and in no event to the general public. If the reader of such email or message is not the intended recipient; the reader is notified that you have received this email or message in error and that any review, distribution or copying of this email or message is prohibited. If you have received this email or message in error please notify the sender immediately by telephone at 833-774-6863 or by reply email.


Payments Accepted

For United States orders, Vision Miner accepts payment by Credit card and by PayPal. Please make sure to enter the correct Billing Address and Phone number that is registered to your credit card. In most cases, your order will be denied if your shipping address does not match the billing address of the credit card used. This is to protect both parties from credit card fraud.


All International and Large Orders Must Pay by Wire Transfer.

Due to the rise of credit card fraud and PayPal Fraud, we can only accept wire payments for international and large orders. If you are an international customer, please contact us at support@visionminer.com with what you would like to order. Please provide your shipping address and contact info. We will then get you a quote including shipping charges.


Return/Refund Policy

No returns on any 3D Printers, machines, or equipment. Manufacturer warranty still applies. There are absolutely NO RETURNS on any Opened or Used Item, under ANY circumstance. There are absolutely no returns or exchanges on Discounted or on sale products. Vision Miner will ONLY accept returns under the following conditions. Product must be Unopened and unused. The purchaser has 10 days from the shipping date to email support@visionminer.com with a request to return an unopened and unused product. ANY and ALL accepted returns are Subject and will incur a 15% restocking fee. Purchaser will be responsible for shipping of the return back to Vision Miner. Once Vision Miner receives the return, it will be inspected to be in NEW, Unused, Unopened state. Once that is verified, we will issue a refund. Purchasers refund will have the 15% restocking fee along with any and all Shipping charges Vision Miner incurred when shipping the product/order to the purchaser. 


Warranty & Factory Defect Product

Vision Miner is an authorized full service and repair center, with the ability to process Warranty and replacement in accordance with INTAMSYS warranty and replacement policy. In the case that Vision Miner accepts warranty return shipment, Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs. Within 10 days after product shipment date, Vision Miner will either repair or replace Warrantied or DOA products in accordance with INTAMSYS warranty and replacement policy. After 10 days from product shipment date, INTAMSYS will handle Warranty and DOA claims directly with the customer. 


Printers and custom built packages or combos.

There are ABSOLUTELY no RETURNS or EXCHANGES on ANY Printers, or custom print packages. This includes and is not limited to the INTAMSYS Funmat line of printers. There are ABSOLUTELY no RETURNS or EXCHANGES on Any item that arrives put together and or is almost ready to print. A lot of products are built to order and simply cannot be returned due to purchasers change in decision. Orders will be processed and fulfilled as soon as possible once payment has been sent to Vision Miner. There are no cancellations or refunds on any printer/parts/accessory orders.


Built-to-Order Machines - Taxes, Duties, Tariffs

All 3D Printers and/or Built-to-Order Machines, including but not limited to: Funmat Pro, Funmat Pro 410, Funmat Pro HT, Funmat Pro 610, and any other built-to-order machines sold to buyer by Vision Miner, are shipped directly to the buyer from the factory of origin. The buyer is responsible for ALL Shipping, Handling, Taxes, Import Taxes, Duties, Fees and Tariffs which are required for delivery of machine.


Order Acceptance

When placing an order, purchaser may receive an electronic or another form of communication regarding the order you placed. This does not signify our acceptance of your order and does not guarantee that we will sell you the product ordered. Vision Miner reserves the right to fulfill or decline your order for any reason and within any time frame. In the event of Pricing or product description misprints or errors, Vision Miner reserves the right to cancel and or refund any orders placed under such circumstances. Vision Miner reserves the right to fulfill any order received completely or partially.

For multiple product orders, Vision Miner will make its best efforts to ship all products ordered at the same time. If some products are unavailable at the time of purchase, Vision Miner reserves the right to ship what is available, and then ship the reaming products at another time as they become available.

If purchaser adds any notes or instructions to the order, the above conditions will supersede any conditions or terms that purchaser may include when placing an order. Vision Miner may change and or update these terms at any time.


Shipping Terms

Vision Miner has an outstanding record and history of processing and shipping order in a very timely fashion. However, there are sometimes delays to unforeseen circumstances. If there are any delays or to simply check on your order status, please contact us at support@visionminer.com. We will do our absolute best to get you taken care of very quickly.

Most orders received and processed by 11:00 AM Pacific Time will be shipped same day as long as inventory and products are in stock. Vision Miner reserves the right to ship Orders placed after 11:30, on Saturday, Sunday or on Holidays, on the next business day. In some circumstances, one shipping carrier could be faster than another. As example, a customer may select UPS ground which is quoted to take 3-4 days, but we know USPS will have it there in 2 days. If we feel that USPS can get the package to you sooner, we reserve the right to change the carrier originally requested. By selecting a certain shipping carrier, it does not guarantee that is the exact way it will ship. Vision Miner reserves the right to change the shipping carrier selected on any orders placed.

If the product ordered is out of stock but expected to be back in stock within 7-10 Business days, Vision Miner reserves the right to Ship and process order as product becomes available. Vision Miner Reserves the right to separate orders and ship what is in stock, and then Back Order or refund for the products that were not available.

When shipping larger machines, there may be additional charges for liftgate delivery, residental areas, limited access delivery such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches, Construction sites, Country Clubs, Farms, Hotels, Malls, Shopping Centers, Military bases, Mines, PArks, Prisons, Correctional Facilities, Storage Facilities, Utility sites, and other limited-access areas - the shipping companies automatically charge extra fees for these pickups and deliveries, and as such, the Purchaser will be responsible for any extra fees on shipments. In the event that a purchase was made with "free shipping", additional fees will still be applicable, and the Purchaser will be responsible for any costs above the average shipping cost, which is determined by Vision Miner's shipping experience and history. 


Shipping Insurance and Transit Times

NO Insurance is included with ANY orders or shipments placed with Vision Miner. If the purchaser would like their product protected in shipping with Insurance, it must be purchased separately. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to purchase insurance separately. Email contact@visionminer.com if you would like to add Insurance to any order, or to any repair being shipped to purchaser.

Vision Miner is not Liable or responsible in ANY way for packages or products that are Lost, Damaged or Stolen during transit whether purchaser had insurance or not. If purchaser had insurance and has a claim. The purchaser must deal with and settle with the Shipping agency that the insurance was purchased through.

Vision Miner will not be liable or responsible for any delays in the processing of orders, or for any delays in Transit time. Vision Miner recommends to always place orders allowing enough time to allow for any shipping/transit delays, Out of stock delays, and weather delays.

*Free Shipping applies only to Domestic US shipping addresses only.

For insurance, as of 09/02/21 we offer the option to purchase Route Package Protection - see this page for more information


International Orders

Vision Miner will always declare the actual value of the product ordered. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay ANY and ALL Customs Duties, Taxes, Government handling/shipping fees, brokerage fees. Vision Miner will NEVER be responsible for any such costs incurred through international shipping. Vision Miner reserves the right to use and or change the shipping method chosen or requested. International Purchasers accept responsibly and understand that there could be delays, holds, and other problems encountered as shipment passes through their customs. Vision Miner is not Liable or responsible for any problems incurred through shipping international orders. Customs Clearance varies from country to country. Purchaser should plan ahead for any such delays along with any Fees or costs that could occur through receiving an order through their customs.


Product Availability and Back Orders

Vision Miner will make an attempt to update website with back order and availability status as time permits. Due to the rapid increase in demand and large amount of orders coming through on a daily basis, Purchaser understands and accepts that this site may not keep inventory status up to date. Purchaser understands and accepts that just because they were able to order the product that does not mean the product was in stock and will ship. Vision Miner will try to notify purchaser as soon as possible, and let them know the product is on back order, or is not available. At that time, purchaser can request a complete refund which would be granted immediately.


Purchasers Agreement to Release of Liability Statement

Vision Miner (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) has all rights reserved with all its brand and series of products offered. Any purchasers, customers or users (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) of Vision Miner products should read this statement carefully. Users can choose not to buy or use the product; however, those who buy and use the product will be regarded as having accepted and approved the full content of this statement.

Party B or end customers/users who cause himself/herself or any third party directly or indirectly of personal injury and or property loss due to the operation during the product/system checking/debugging/general use, Party A shall not bear the corresponding losses or any liability for compensation. Party B releases Party A from any and all responsibility and Liabilities arising from the use of any products provided by Party A.

In the process of using, selling or transferring this product due to Party B’s intentional or negligent reasons causes any loss or lead to a third party claim or claims of any kind, Party A shall not bear the corresponding losses or any liability for compensation.

After receiving a product of Party A, If Party B directly or indirectly, including but not limited to processing, modification, producing, accession of the product and export the product and the changed products contains this product, leads to any third party claim or claims of any kind, or if party B shall be punished by any third party agencies, Party A shall not bear the corresponding losses or any liability for compensation.

Party B understands that there is no stated warranty or Guarantee of any kind for any product sold through Party A. Party B understands that these are electronic machines, and there could be Hardware and or Software Malfunctions at any time. Party B acknowledges and accepts full Liability and responsibility for any instances of damage or harm caused while using or operating with products supplied by Party A. By Party B choosing to use any products from Party A, Party B holds harmless and release’s Party A from any and all Liability that could or may occur during any such use.

Party B accepts and understands fully, that even if products are delivered in a so called ready to use state, that they (Party B) is still solely responsible for understanding any and all aspects on how the products should be used, pre-checked for proper functionality. Party B is solely responsible for and liable for the safe operation and how the purchased products should be used. Party B releases Party A from any personal injury or property loss as a result of use of any products supplied by Party A. Party B accepts that they are solely responsible for the First Use of any Product received or purchased through Party A. Party B accepts and understands that no guarantee is made or presented by Party A that the operation or functionality of products sold to party B will work without failure on the first use or ANY use after. Party B understands and accepts that Party A has no responsibility or liability in any way to make sure that party B understands how to use products purchased from Party A.

By purchasing and or using any product purchased or received by Party A, Party B accepts any and all responsibility of what could or may occur.

By choosing to operate or use products purchased from Party A, Party B agrees to follow any and all Local, State, Government, and federal Laws regarding any and all regulations pertaining to any and all Products received from Party A.


Conditions of Use

It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the legality of the use of item purchased from this site in their particular locations. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to determine whether or not the products purchased are suitable for their intended use. Vision Miner and its ownership take no responsibility for damage incurred due to equipment failure or from any other use of the equipment. Vision Miner takes no responsibility from any legal requirements purchaser may need for operating or receiving purchased items.

Purchaser Releases Vision Miner, Its Officers and its employees of all Liability and responsibility from any personal or property damage that Purchaser causes. Purchaser agrees that they are solely responsible for any and all personal or property damage that they cause.

Buyer agrees that any items purchased are to be used by the purchaser only and are not being purchased to be resold without specific approval from Vision Miner. Vision Miner will not be liable and will not take any legal responsibility for any equipment that is sold to another party after being shipped to the original purchaser. The buyer agrees that they will adhere to all Local and Federal laws and regulations, and that they will not use the equipment in a way that endangers the buyer or any other individuals or property.



This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that we’re not responsible for the operation of or content located on or through any such site. Vision Miner has no control over these linked sites, all of which have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of Vision Miner. These linked sites are only for your convenience and therefore if you to access them, you agree that you are doing so at your own risk.


Video Content

The materials, Videos, content presented on Vision Miner Website, and on Vision Miner YouTube Channel are only for “Informational and Entertainment Purposes Only”. By choosing to view material such as Videos or other content on Vision Miner Website, and or on Vision Miner YouTube Channel, you the Viewer or Customer agree that you are Solely responsible and Liable for any actions you take that result in any property damage or personal injury, from viewing such material. You the viewer or customer should be aware that if you choose to and attempt anything shown or expressed through Vision Miner Content, that you are doing so entirely at your own risk which includes: modifying, tuning, adjusting, setting up, making changes, programming, or anything else that you may have been inclined to attempt from viewing any of the material on Vision Miner Website, and or on Vision Miner YouTube Channel.

You the Viewer or customer hereby agrees that Vision Miner does not assume any third party liability arising out of any legal actions you the viewer or customer may be involved in as a result of viewing any material on Vision Miner Website, and or on Vision Miner YouTube Channel. It is agreed by you the viewer or customer in full, that Vision Miner or the video production company producing its videos, its owners, participants, advertisers, heirs, but not limited to, are completely released from now until the end of time of any liability whatsoever, for any injuries or losses by you the reader, customer, purchaser, viewer or any other person may incur as a result of engaging, or from the viewing of any material on Vision Miner Website, and or on Vision Miner YouTube Channel.


Assumption of Risk