Quick Start Guide - Funmat HT


What's in the box

1.  Funmat HT 6.  SD Card 11.  Scissors 16.  BuildTak
2.  One (1) Normal Extruder 7.  SD Card Reader 12.  Clamps 17.  Glue stick
3.  Two (2) High-Temperature Extruders 8.  Camera Guide 13.  Print Removal Tool 18.  PEI Sheets
4.  Two (2) Glass Build P lates 9.  Material Guide 14.  Allen Key 19.  Build Plate Calibration Card
5.  One Roll of ABS Filament 10.  Power cable 15.  USB cable


Remove the packaging

Remove the four sides of the cardboard box and get the printer out with two people. Carefully remove the styrofoam packaging under the build plate, and then remove the styrofoam fixer above the build plate. Please retain all packaging for warranty purposes.


Set up the printer

  1. All the maintenance should be in power off mode.
  2. Gently place the printer on a flat and strong platform. Use the Allen key to remove the four screws holding the X & Y axis .
  3. Install the motor above the extruder, and ensure the bowden tube is in its proper position.
  4. Open the front door to insert the glass plate and fix the glass plate with the screw on the right side of the platform.
  5. Connect the power cable and power on your printer.


Schematic View

Intamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Front SideIntamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Right SideIntamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Left Side


1.  Display 6.  Push/Rotate Button 11.  SD Card Socket 16.  Print Head
2.  Build Plate 7.  Build Plate Clamps 12.  Build Plate Leveling Screws 17.  Heat Fans
3.  Door Handle 8.  Spool Holder 13.  Handle 18.  Filament Absent Detection Switch
4.  Camera (Inside Corner) 9.  Power Socket 14.  Power Switch 19.  USB Socket


User Manual

Download User Manual