Quick Start Guide - Funmat HT


    Auto-Level Sensor Calibration


    1. Go to "Material" and select PLA
    2. DO NOT Load Filament
    3. Ensure Machine is at Room Temperature
    4. Make sure that Nozzle is unobstructed by the extruder shroud
    5. Select "Auto-Level Sensor Calibration" form Build Plate Leveling menu
    6. Machine will warm itself up
    7. Manually trigger the auto-level switch by pushing up on nozzle (only for April 2019 Firmware update)
    8. If you lose the leveling card, it is a 0.2mm gap the device is looking for
    9. Adjust jog wheel until nozzle is close to leveling card -- exact distance (this is very important - barely any resistance should be felt)
    10. Click Next, and the process should be completed


    Auto-Leveling Process


    1. Ensure silver buildplate support screws (5 supporting sub-plate) are hand-tight
    2. Heat buildplate to 120ºC
    3. For the first time, it is recommended to manually level the buildplate, following on-screen instructions
    4. Proceed to auto-leveling process
    5. Ensure the extruder touches 3 points on the buildplate


    Schematic View

    Intamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Front SideIntamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Right SideIntamsys Funmat HT - Layout Diagram - Left Side


    1.  Display 6.  N/A 11.  Handle 16. USB Connection
    2.  Jog Wheel 7.  Leveling Screws 12.  Filament Runout Sensor
    3. SD Card Reader 8. Heated Fans 13.  Wifi Camera
    4.  Inside Extruder 9. Door Handle 14.  Power Plug


    User Manual

    Download User Manual