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FreeScan Combo

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Discover the power of the compact and lightweight FreeScan Combo 3D Scanner, a versatile metrology tool that's only 193x63x53mm in size and weighs a mere 620g. This portable scanner boasts dual light sources – blue laser and infrared VCSEL – to accommodate various scanning requirements.

Choose from four impressive scanning modes to suit your needs: • 13 intersecting blue laser lines for seamless, comprehensive scanning • 7 parallel blue laser lines for capturing intricate details • 1 single blue laser line for obtaining data from deep holes • Infrared light source with a large field of view for broader applications

Achieve metrology-grade accuracy of up to 0.02mm* in the multiple lines scanning mode, ensuring precision across a wide range of industries.

*As per VDI-VDE 2634-3

Ideal for numerous applications, the FreeScan Combo is perfect for precision inspection, reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, and more. It excels in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, rail transportation, heavy industries, mold manufacturing, casting, foundry, and medical industries.

Experience enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability with the FreeScan Combo metrology 3D scanner, featuring blue laser and infrared VCSEL light sources. Its fine mode delivers exceptional accuracy of up to 0.02mm, making it a valuable asset for any professional.



Technical Specifications

Scan Mode Laser Scan Infrared Scan
Multiple Lines Scan Single Line Scan Fine Scan
Light Source 26 laser lines Single laser line 7 parallel laser lines VCSEL Light Source
Working Distance 300 mm 300 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.02mm /
Volumetric Accuracy* 0.02 + 0.033 mm/m /
Scan Speed 1,860,000 points/s 2,250,000 points/s
Scan Depth 360 mm 200-1240mm
Max. FOV 520 mm x 510 mm 430mm x 430mm
Point Distance 0.05mm-3mm 0.2mm-3mm
Laser Class Class Ⅱ (eye safe)
Connection Standard USB 3.0
Dimension 193 mm x 63 mm x 53 mm
Weight 620 g
Power Input 12V,5.0A
Working Temperature -20 ~ 40℃
Working Humidity 10 ~ 90%

Recommended System Configuration

CPU Minimum:Intel® Core™ i7-8700F
Recommend:Intel® Core™ i7-10700 or higher
Memory Minimum:16GB
Hard Drive Minimum:256GB SSD
Recommend:2TB SSD
Graphic Card (GPU) NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 3060;
Operating System Windows 10/11 Professional (64-bit)