Warranty & Support

If you purchased a machine, you are AUTOMATICALLY covered for support fixing the machine, or if anything goes wrong, and troubleshooting mechanical issues.

Training Packages

If you need support tuning your part, this is a fantastic package to get you on the fast-track with our experts -- whether you need a video chat, phone call, or email support, we've got your back!

One-Time Consultations

Just need help optimizing a part? Figuring out settings for printing in a specific material? We're here to help! Book a one-time consultation call, and we'll dump our knowledge to help you get your parts into production. 


Essential Support for Advanced Thermoplastics

Save BIG with Yearly Support Plans!


Our Tactical Support package covers the essential calls for learning your 3D printer -- 2 hours of phone time with our expert technicians, each month, as well as elevated email support for anything you may need. 

This applies to you if:  

  • You have never printed advanced Polymers like PEEK, ULTEM™

  • Need Help Learning Slicer Software  

  • Want expert advice to optimize your parts 

  • Don't want to figure everything out on your own
  • Your projects are highly advanced and complex
  • Advanced Techniques for High-Temp FDM 

Slicer Consulting Calls: Included

Email Support: Included 

Software Updates: Free

Part Consultations: Included



Project Consultation


Our One-Time Consultations are for getting your part to work -- on any of the machines we sell. Not only do we slice your part for you, but we provide a video walkthrough of why we selected the settings we did, and the different results throughout the tuning process. 

This is for you, if:

  • You are on a tight timeline and need to tune your prints without learning the software to an expert level

  • You could use a boost of knowledge from our team to get your part optimized and dialed-in for your printer and specific material.

  • You need to optimize parts, but don't know the best way

  • You are struggling with the high-temp filaments and need a guiding hand and walkthrough

  • You want to expand your knowledge with one-on-one consulting with our engineers


Initial consultation

Email details with diagrams for part optimization, if needed

Slicer profile specifically for your Part / Material

FFF Profile for Simplify3D

Factory file for Simplify3D

Video walkthrough - how we tuned, what we used, and why we used it

Follow-up consultation

Follow-ups as needed for your project



Design Consultation


Our Part Design Optimization Consultations are for optimizing part geometry, to print stronger, in less time, with greater chances of success. 

Essentially, most parts are designed for Injection Molding or CNC. In FDM 3D Printing, parts can be altered slightly for dramatic results - faster print times, higher strength, and little to no supports, meaning less post-processing and cleanup.

If you have a part which, this 

  • You need to optimize part geometry for FDM process

  • Your parts are complex, and you want to scale production in FDM

  • You want to expand your knowledge with one-on-one consulting by our engineers


Initial consultation

Email details with diagrams for part optimization

Video walkthrough - detailed part analysis and changes