Introducing the 22 IDEX from Vision Miner -  -  

A High-temperature, performance 3D printer platform for business - for PEEK, ULTEM, PEKK, PPS, and other superpolymers for industrial applications. 

We’ve finally done it -- after partnering with a European manufacturer, we’ve released a machine for the high-performance materials we specialize in, with all the features we’ve been wanting for years, and a few that set it apart from anything else on the market. 

Whether you’re doing high-temp polymers like PEEK, PPS, or PEI, or composites like Carbon Fiber Nylon, ABS, or Polycarbonate, the 22 IDEX is designed to handle every plastic on the market. 

500°C Independent Extruders - so you can process any thermoplastic on the market

+ Multi-Material Mode (integrate different materials, multiple colors, different nozzle sizes, and more)

+ Support Material Mode (use breakaway or soluble support materials)

+ Duplicate Mode (print two parts at once)

+ Mirror Mode (print two mirrored copies at the same time)

200°C Build Plate - so the polymers will adhere to the bed with ease

+ Swappable Build Surfaces

+ True Bed Leveling - Triple Z-Axis motors means the bed levels itself - no more annoying knobs

+ Physical Probe Mesh Leveling

90°C Chamber - to improve crystallinity, and reduce warping in high-temperature materials like PEEK and ULTEM, and enable larger, more solid prints in engineering filaments like ABS, Nylon, and PC 

+ Filament is stored inside, and feeds from the heated chamber, keeping the polymers dry, to enable much longer print times when using hygroscopic polymers, especially water-soluble support materials

+ Quad Motor XY design - efficiency and speed, all outside the chamber, using 12mm Kevlar Belts, using quality LDO motors

+ HIWIN Linear Rails used for rigidity, speed, and dimensional accuracy

+ Movement speeds up to 500mm/s -- and yes, you can print that fast, 300mm/s is stable (keep in mind every polymer will have its own unique speeds and rheology [flow] characteristics)

+ Open-Source Hardware - Duet Boards and RepRap firmware means this machine is extensible beyond it’s modular features

+ Dual-Gear Direct-Drive Extruders with high-temp pancake motors manufactured by LDO

+ Volcano-Style Hot Ends with Titanium Heat Breaks

+ Connected via Wifi or USB - or, optional ethernet. ITAR compliant models available for DOD/Military

+ 110V Power standard - 20A breaker recommended 

00:00 22 IDEX - the Best New PEEK & ULTEM 3D Printer

01:11 Quick Specifications

01:32 Hotends & Extruders - Processing Capability

03:54 Build Plate & Leveling System

05:19 Actively Heated 90°C Chamber

06:29 Motion System & Hardware

08:31 Electronics, Firmware & Interface

09:50 Power Requirements & Safety

10:13 Overview & Summary

11:15 THANK YOU! + Contact Info