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0:14 - Evonik's New PEEK Filament
2:35 - Relativity Space
3:56 - Habitat for Humanity 3D Printed House

First off we have German chemicals company, Evonik launching a new medical grade PEEK filament. This one also seems more practical, in countries like the USA, where in-patient implants can be difficult to get past the FDA. VESTAKEEP Care M40 3DF filament is safe for body contact for up to 30 days and is compatible with any “common high-temperature FDM 3D printer.”

What makes this PEEK blend more qualified for medical use is the fact that it’s manufactured by Evonik in cleanroom conditions with the strict quality management standards of the medical industry. Just like other PEEK based polymers, VESTAKEEP Care M40 has high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It’s also biocompatible and offers great sterilizability just like other grades of PEEK. This makes it great for things like patient specific hearing aids, prosthetics, orthotics, dental drilling guides, and individualized surgical tools. VESTAKEEP M40 is available in 1.75mm filament in 500g spools. Check out our What is PEEK video where we explain what it is, and who it’s really for.

Next we have Relativity Space raising $650 million more dollars in Series E funding to ramp up the production of its new Terran R rocket, the company’s first fully-3D printed launch vehicle. The Terran R was announced just recently, with the positive outcome of its Series E funding round as the company plans to use the funding to bring the rocket into production. This new rocket has a payload capacity that's 20 times higher than its first rocket, the Terran 1, and is designed as a direct challenger to SpaceX’s Falcon 9, as well as the recently announced 3D printed Neutron launch vehicle over at Rocket Lab.

The Terran R is Relativity Space’s first fully 3D printed rocket and features seven entirely 3D printed Aeon R rocket engines. The two-stage rocket stands 216 feet tall and 16 feet in diameter. They also plan on launching a customer “point-to-point space freighter” version capable of missions to both the moon and mars. Looks like 3D printing is the future of space travel, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Finally we have Habitat For Humanity partnering with Danish construction 3D printer company COBOD, to create affordable housing in Phoenix, Arizona. Amidst the widespread lack of affordable housing in the US, Habitat For Humanity has turned to 3D printing to create scalable and affordable home-ownership solutions. If you’ve seen our recent videos on 3D printing houses, you might have noticed that they actually haven’t been much cheaper than traditional houses, despite the technology being touted for lower costs. Habitat for Humanity is looking to change that with their first project in Arizona.

The partnership is starting off with a single family house with a livable space of 1,722 sq ft. The home is expected to be completed in August/September and will be constructed with COBOD’s modular BOD2 3D construction printer. The PERI group is taking on construction due to their experience with these COBOD printers.

“Our PERI 3D construction printing team is incredibly proud to print this home in Tempe for Habitat for Humanity,” said Thomas Imbacher, managing director of innovation and marketing of the PERI Group. “In 2020, PERI realized the first-ever 3D printed house in Germany with a COBOD printer, followed shortly afterward by the largest 3D-printed apartment building in Europe to date. The 3D-printing project in Tempe is now continuing this success story in the USA.”

This isn’t the first building printed by the Danish company in the US. Back in January, the BOD2 printer was also used to create a building in Florida made by Printed Farms. Would you consider a 3D printed home in your future? Let me know in the comments down below.

Anyway, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of this video, news stories you thought were cool, or, of course, another funny comment!

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