Today we have the Tokyo Olympics 3D printing podiums, Stratasys launching a brand new medical printer and Polaroid with a TASTY new take on the 3D printing pen -- let’s get into it!

0:00 - intro
0:13 - Polaroid's Tasty New Printer Pen
1:27 - Stratasys J5 Medijet
3:01 - Anycubic's Printing Contest
3:24 - Tokyo Olympics Podiums

Starting off with Polaroid -- yes, you heard that right, and yes they’re still around, recently launching another addition to their lineup which includes some entry level FDM machines and printing pens. Their new “Candy Play”, as the name implies, is a 3D printing pen that can print edible filaments made of candy! They say it’s also designed to be as ergonomic as possible -- like holding a pencil. They include templates to get you started with best practices. This could really be a great addition to any bakery or dessert place, even a small business. Creating custom decorations for cakes and pastries could unlock many new possibilities. The Candy Play is available for $49 - do you think you'll buy one? Personally, at the office I’d like one of those pancake bot machines that we talked about in our 3D Printing Food video, linked down below.

Next, we have Stratasys, launching their brand new J5 Medijet Medical Printer. This new addition to their lineup of medical printing solutions was designed specifically for patient-specific anatomical models, surgical guides and medical tooling, compatible with a range of sterilizable and biocompatible 3D printing resins. The J5 offers a build volume of 140 x 200 x 190mm and has the capability of holding up to 5 different materials. Inside the build chamber you’ll find their patented rotation build platform and their fixed inkjet print head. This design is said to improve reliability and streamline maintenance. It’s the second addition to their J5 lineup, following the J5 DentaJet that focuses on… well… dental as the name implies.

Now, 3D printing has become a game changer in the operating room, especially in patient-specific anatomical models and surgical guides. These tools can make surgery safer and easier by enabling mass customization of tooling to fit each individual case. Many times when you see “3D printing saving lives” in hospitals it's because of patient-specific anatomical models which allow surgeons to practice complex and specific procedures, giving them a greater rate of success. After all, practice doesn’t make perfect -- PERFECT practice makes perfect. Is 3D printing in the medical field something you’re interested in? Should we make a video on it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Next, we have the Tokyo Olympics 3D printing the winners podiums for all events out of recycled plastics. Created in line with the theme of sustainability, each of the 98 podiums will conserve raw materials as well as reduce energy costs by 3D printing them. Also noted is that the podiums can and most likely will be recycled after the games conclude. The plastics themselves come from a collection campaign that has seen contributions from japanese citizens by tossing empty laundry detergent bottles and shampoo containers into special collection boxes at more than 2,000 locations across the country over the course of several years.

The podiums consist of cubes containing the “harmonized checkered” emblem of the 2020 Olympic games. The Olympic ring symbol on the front of the podiums will be made of aluminium waste from the temporary housing units built for families affected by the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami. DUDE! Apart from being beautiful, they say these Olympic podiums each account for 75 grams of carbon dioxide not being released into the atmosphere, and an energy savings equal to - get this -- the power used to light a standard home for 112 years. What do you think of the 3D printed Olympic podiums? Let us know in the comments down below!

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