0:00 - On this week’s episode of 3D Printing News We Have:
0:14 - Nourished’s 3D Printed Supplements
1:49 - Markforged’s Forged Tour
3:13 - Zortrax’s Z-PEEK

3D Printing and food has taken a new form through new 3D printable supplements! “Nourished” is a startup making completely custom nutritional supplements that are 3D printed. The process is really pretty simple -- just fill out a short questionnaire describing your lifestyle, health issues and nutrition goals, and their algorithm “builds” your own stack from 28 different “nourishments”, and you can also create a custom stack if you already know exactly what you want. The company’s Head of Brand, Caitlin Stanley, says that “manufacturing supplements via 3D printing opens up a whole new world of personalization possibilities. Typically, active ingredients that show up in vitamins — like ashwagandha and Vitamin A — interfere with each other when combined into the same capsule. However, by printing these ingredients on top of each other, Nourished can fuse them into the same bite-sized supplement”. Nourished launched in 2019 and has since expanded into kids vitamins and preconfigured stacks and currently, there is an offer to get 25% off your first 2 boxes! Each box comes with 28 stacks that are meant to be consumed once a day. At $51 per month, they’re competitive with other personalized vitamin services like Care/of. The vitamins are made from a vegan gel and are delivered on a monthly subscription plan.

If you want to learn more about 3D printed food, we have a video talking about how it all works and some of the prominent solutions out there on the market which we’ve linked here:

Everyone’s favorite composite printing company is going on tour! That’s right, Markforged is coming to 38 cities across the country to talk to you guys about additive manufacturing. The “Forged Tour” as they call it, will be bringing their staff and printers to local breweries and hotspots to meet additive engineers across the US. The goal of this tour is to show how the company aims to transform manufacturing through AM with metal and continuous carbon fiber printer systems capable of producing parts for the factory floor such as jigs and fixtures. Participants will get to learn more and ask questions about their proprietary print software, Blacksmith. Markforged is partnering with local partners Philips, Access Manufacturing Systems and MLC CAD and Camlogic to bring the Forged tour to 22 locations on the east coast and 9 in the central US. AWP, Engitype and Saratech will partner up for 7 additional stops on the West Coast. You might even be able to catch us there at the Southern California stop!

3D Printing manufacturer Zortrax has recently launched a new “space-grade” “Z-PEEK” Filament, focused on aerospace use cases. The PEEK based material offers a blend of impressive radiation, temperature, and abrasion resistances which is what we see across many PEEK filaments on the market and other similar high temp materials.

Various global space agencies have already used the material with the goal of using it in space missions, testing Z-PEEK in thermal vacuum tests and long exposure tests. Applications include out-of-cabin aircraft components, and other high-performance parts. Taking a look at Z-PEEK’s spec sheet, we see a tensile strength of 100MPa, an elongation at break of 28% and a flexural strength of 130MPa. PEEK is naturally resistant to radiation, extreme temperatures and long-term abrasion. Zortrax claims their new material can operate between 250C and -100C and survive over 22 million cycles in a PEEK-steel gear pair running at 1600rpm. Gearboxes are another great use case for the stuff as it's also naturally slippery, minimizing friction, with wear properties comparable to titanium.

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