About PEI 3D Printing

PEI is a semi-transparent, high-strength filament that gives users the ability to create quality parts in the FDM process. The items you produce will have excellent properties because PEI can withstand high temperatures. Due to its thermal and chemical stability, PEI material is ideal for medical devices, aircraft components (this material is certified for commercial aerospace projects), and automotive applications. Unlike other thermoplastics, PEI is an actual production plastic that allows you to create complex designs. It’s a part of the polyetherimide family, meaning it can endure high-stress processes. Overall, it’s a great choice if you need to confidently print a variety of parts on low-volume production; it’s reliable, powerful, versatile, and non-toxic. Plus, you won’t experience any cracking or warping after molding your parts. Whether you’re operating a large or small company, this thermoplastic is ideal for use in advanced prototyping because it can effortlessly produce the complex parts you need. If you want to buy certified PEI filament, view our online selection. While PEI doesn’t cost as much as PEEK, it’s still costly compared to other materials; however, the results will be worth it.

While it offers numerous benefits, PEI is also easy to print. For PEI 3D printing processes, we find that INTAMSYS printers are top performers. We recommend the Funmat HT model because its advanced thermal system provides industrial quality results. You can also use the Funmat Pro HT to print objects from PEI filament; it’s ideal for large batch production. An INTAMSYS printer promises high quality at a reasonable price; when you use one of the PEI printer models we carry, you’ll notice easy machinability. We’re proud to carry this manufacturer’s product line.

If you have questions about PEI 3D printing, call or text us anytime at 1-833-774-6863. We want to ensure the PEI printer you purchase best serves your specific facility.  

Our PEI Filament is made from ULTEM™ 1010 and ULTEM™ 9085 resin created by SABIC. ULTEM™ is a trademark of SABIC or its subsidiaries or affiliates.