Custom-designed work piece holders make a significant contribution to the perfect processing results obtained by the DF series. They also ensure that the work pieces are mounted as quickly and efficiently as possible and considerably simplify batch processing. In recent years, OTEC has designed over 100 different types of holder. Furthermore, the process container features a water-cooling system that keeps the polishing granulates at a constantly low temperature. This considerably extends the life of the process medium and ensures constant process quality, even at consistently high processing speeds.

Absolute reliability

Consistent use of only the best materials and components ensures trouble-free operation and long service life.

Maximum cost-effectiveness

Comparatively low capital investment coupled with the potential for very high cost savings in terms of processing times make the DF series an extremely cost-effective solution.

Perfect finishing results

Deburring, grinding or high-luster finish in a quality otherwise only obtained through hand polishing.

Short processing time

In many cases, perfect surfaces can be obtained in just a few minutes.


Independently driven tool holders

With this type of holder specially developed for finishing tools, each workpiece rotates indivually on its own axis in addition to the general rotation. This produces a uniform surface finsh in even shorter processing times. It also achieves excellent smoothing of the flutes of cutting tools.

Angled holder

especially suitable for finishing end faces and forging dies

Quick tool changer

This system enables tools such as drills and burs to be changed in seconds by means of a lever. More information here.


Trolley for DF Tools

Trolley with castors for quick container change


Immersion depth control

For controlling the depth to which the workpieces are immersed in the granualte. Two photoelectric barriers are used to identify the tip of the workpieces when they are immersed in the medium. From this, the control system then calculates the maximum possible immersion depth. The immersion depth of the workpieces in the process container is displayed for any defined level of medium. The immersion depth of the workpieces  can be preselected for best results.

Changing tray for attachments

Storage and changing tray for attachments (available in various sizes). Makes it easier to fit chucks and workpieces.


Hood for connecting an extraction unit

Water cooling

to reduce the temperature of the granulate


The two-stage DF-3 S2 drag finishing machine from OTEC makes it possible to grind and polish workpieces such as implants and watch cases whilst they are gripped in a holder. The advanced technology used achieves a finish equivalent to that obtrained by hand polishing but in an absolutely reliable process.

OTEC has been developing drag finishing machines ever since the company was founded in 1996. In this mass finishing process, the workpieces are clamped in holders and dragged trhough a grinding or polishing medium. To make the process even more effective, the workpiece also rotates on its own axis and at the same time describes a planetary motion.

In order to obtain maximum efficients, it is often necessary to process the workpieces in two stages. For example, the workpieces are processed by wet grinding in the first stage and then polished in dry process in the second stage. This enables Ra values of up to 0.01 µm to be achieved. Until now, this process required the use of two machines, e.g. on machine for wet grinding and another one for dry polishing, and this in turn meant repeatedly clamping and unclamping the workpieces.

The DF-3 S2 solves this problem. The machine has two process containers which can be combned as required for wet/dry or dry/dry operation. The various process parameters such as finishing time, speed, etc. can be set by means of a Siemens touch screen panel. The machine then runs through all the individual processing stages, removing the need for time-consuming unclamping and reclamping of the workpieces.  

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