VELO3D delivers capabilities that can change your business. Our technology allows designers to build SupportFree including overhangs to below 10 degrees . You don’t need to worry about support access or design limitations. By eliminating internal supports, manufacturers are able to print parts that would typically be considered impossible.

Build your most challenging metal parts with 3D printing

AM can combine multiple parts in a unified assembly achieving simplification and part-count reduction. But, in many cases, manufacturers ‘no-bid’ complex parts due to the risks inherent in their production. With VELO3D , we are putting complex parts back on the build plan delivering a 90% first print success rate. Some of the technologies that enable us to run these parts with confidence:

Sapphire’s noncontact recoater avoids part damage

Pre-print calibration and in situ metrology ensures the system stays in spec

Closed loop melt-pool control ensures a true-to-design print across the entire build envelope

Flow’s object print correction delivers accurate geometries

The first print, and every print, done right

The VELO3D Sapphire is designed from the ground up for volume production providing engineers with part quality, consistency and predictability. The dual 1 kW laser system is designed for accurate melt pool control. The onboard metrology provides real time and historic performance reports assuring part quality. Whether you operate the system as a manufacturer or rely on the parts for your completed products, Sapphire’s focus on quality control results in improved performance and better results.

Industrial grade print operation including SupportFree capability

Constant atmospheric control of the system and build modules

Hot swappable filters and run time powder refill for long builds

Contamination resistant laser operation with typical PM cycles over 3 months

Print reports providing insights into system status and historic performance

Process monitoring execution for each layer

Print parts separate from the build plate

Imagine designing your part, uploading it to the server, printing your part and being able to just pull it out of the printer ready for use in the end application. VELO3D has been working to offer this design flexibility to the manufacturing community and we continue to find new ways to print fully SupportFree.

Supports not required for prints starting from a single point

Enables higher packing density through nesting reducing cost

Consistent part quality delivering unprecedented functional performance

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

The aerospace industry continues to expand the footprint of new applications for additive manufacturing, that goes beyond prototyping. Driven by the metrics of fuel consumption, elevated operating temperatures, material use and recycling strategy, engineers aim to push the limits of manufacturing technologies and look to metal additive as a key enabler to address the new capability and time to market requirements.

VELO3D shatters the limits of existing metal additive systems by enabling the fabrication of complex engine parts that include gas or fluids, empowering advanced designs with little or no post-processing.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

for Energy & Industrial

The energy, oil, and gas industries have rigorous quality and precision requirements for parts with demanding applications in harsh conditions. Metal additive manufacturing presents new possibilities to rethink design and fabrication of existing parts.

Pump manifolds, stators, inducers, turbine nozzles or other engine parts with gas or liquids flowing through them are pushing the limits of existing metal additive manufacturing.

Predictable Manufacturing of Challenging Parts

VELO3D‘s next generation additive manufacturing methods reduce part production from weeks to hours. Previous labor-intensive sheet metal production, complicated braising methods, and the need for welding or additional machining become obsolete.

VELO3D‘s capability to produce extremely complex parts with multiple internal structures that require little or no post-processing sets new standards for quality, yield, cost-efficiencies, and time-to-market.

At Vision Miner, we specialize in Functional 3D printing, especially high-performance plastics like PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, PPS, CFPA, and more. If you're interested in using functional 3D printing and materials in your business, feel free to reach out, and we can help you make the right choice for your application. Call 833-774-6863 or email, and we're here to help!