AON M2+ (CSA/UL/CE) Preventive Maintenance Kit (1yr)

SKU: K-000014
1x - [ME-LUBE-HT-204C-001] High Temperature Grease Krytox GPL 225 8oz.
6x - [A46067D6] High-Performance Liquid Coolant, 700ml
1x - [375486CC] SuperLube HT E.P. Grease with Syncolon (PTFE)
1x - [12542D37] Loctite Grease LB8042 WHITE LITHIUM 1.5oz
1x - M2+ Nozzle Wiper and Brush Spares Kit (K-0999-019)
12x - [AON-M-015_03-01-053a-SM] Nozzle Cleaning Wiper Blade
12x - [HW-MISC-BRUSH-3] Low-Scratch Brush with Shank
1x - [3592BEA8] Grease Application Brush
1x - [CD56B2D7] Vacuum Filter Element
1x - [D5BDEF3E] Vacuum Pump Vanes VT 4.4 (set of 5)
1x - [0BE7A871 ] Vacuum Pump Filter Cartridge T 4.4