Flex Insert for Extruder

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Custom insert for the Funmat HT Extruder, enabling easier printing of 1.75mm TPE's and TPU flex materials, such as Ninja Flex. 

The part is made from Carbon Fiber PEI, to withstand the high temperatures inside the Funmat HT Enhanced chamber.

Inserted directly in between the gear and motor, this insert narrows the filament path, keeping flexibles from squeezing out through the side. Increases flexible yield to ~75%. 

Flexibles need to be printed very slowly, and this part is our in-house creation to improve the process.


Flex Insert Installation Instructions:

For the Intamsys Funmat HT

Note: This modification can easily be performed with the extruder motor installed on the machine, there is no need to remove it.

1. Disassemble Extruder Cover (2.5mm + 2mm Hex)


2. Loosen Set Screws and Remove Extruder Gear (1.5mm Hex)

3. Place the Flex Insert over the shaft, and align with filament slot.

4. Re-install Extruder gear, cover, and lever.


5. Complete! That's all there is to it.