Ice9 Flex TPU

SKU: TC-TPE1-145-000-0500
Unfortunately, this filament is no longer on the market, and has been discontinued by TCPoly.

Ice9 Flex is a TPE-based, electrically non-conductive (insulating), thermally conductive filament that is semi-flexible. The filament is electrically non-insulating and has a thermal conductivity of 8 W/m-K in the print direction. This filament is ideal for heat sinks, liquid cooling, and the most demanding thermal applications. Ice9 Flex works best with FDM printers that print flexible filaments.

A new and improved version of TCP Flex with 33% higher thermal conductivity (Now at 8 W/m-K). Thermally conductive and electrically non-insulating FDM printing filament. Use this material when the highest thermal conductivity is required and electrical insulation is not important. The material has an electrical resistivity < 10^5 ohm-cm making it suitable for EMI/RFI shielding applications but not carrying electrical current.

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1.75mm 500g spools ship immediately, 1KG and all 2.85mm spools have a lead time of ~1 week

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