Ice9 Rigid Nylon

SKU: TC-PA6-110-315-0500
Unfortunately, this filament is no longer on the market, and has been discontinued by TCPoly.

Ice9 Rigid is a nylon based, electrically non-conductive (insulating), thermally conductive filament with temperature stability above 150°C. The filament is electrically non-insulating and has a thermal conductivity of 4 W/m-K in the print direction. This filament is ideal for mold tooling and any applications requiring high thermal conductivity, stiffness and temperature stability. Ice9 Rigid works well with most standard FDM printers (with nozzles that can achieve at least 260°C print temperature).

TCPoly has worked extensively to redevelop a stiff filament that is printable and high performance. Ice9 Rigid filament boasts high thermal conductivity while maintaining good mechanical properties and high thermal stability.

Estimated lead time for orders is currently 3-5 business days.

TCPoly products are proudly made in the USA.

1.75mm 500g spools ship immediately, 1KG and all 2.85mm spools have a lead time of ~1 week

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