Pro Accessory Pack

Vision Miner
$649.00 $730.00

This bundle pack includes everything you'll need to start printing -- and keep printing -- especially if you're the high-temperature polymers. Everything is designed specifically for the Funmat HT, and we've included the most-used items, so that when you're in a pinch, you'll have what you need to finish your project.


(2) High-Temperature Extruder Packs

(1) Normal-Temperature Extruder Pack

(8) All-Metal Heat Breaks

(2) PTFE-Lined Heat Breaks

(4) 0.25mm Fine-Detail Nozzles - 2 Brass, 2 Steel

(8) 0.4mm Standard Nozzles - 4 Brass, 4 Steel

(4) 0.6mm Large-Print Nozzles - 2 Brass, 2 Steel

(2) Spare Glass Plates



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