Quick Surface


Quick Surface is your go-to tool for seamless surface creation, optimized for Verisurf Reverse. Crafted from advanced algorithms, it turns meshes from scan data or STL files into polished, high-quality surfaces. Designed with precision, it ensures curvature continuity, setting the bar for creating superior high-speed toolpaths.

What Quick Surface Brings to the Table:

  1. Simplified Surface Production: Easily transform organic or prismatic Verisurf meshes into freeform CAD surfaces. Plus, evaluate the fit quality of surface-to-mesh before heading to further modeling or processing. Whether you're into scan-to-part or scan-to-3D-printing, Quick Surface is your ally.

  2. Advanced Features:

    • Automatic surface creation from 3D meshes.
    • Ensures curvature continuity on edges.
    • Perfect for crafting Class A surfaces.
    • Facilitates superior surfacing of intricate scan data.
  3. Seamlessness: It guarantees smooth surfaces with high quality, which are continuous over adjacent boundaries. This makes it impeccable for further machining or 3D printing.

  4. All-in-One Toolkit for Complex Contours: With Verisurf and Quick Surface combined, you have a comprehensive toolkit to manage challenging contours.

    • Achieve any reverse engineering task with minimal fuss.
    • Hassle-free import and export in popular CAD/CAM formats.
    • Efficiently handle, edit, and optimize large point clouds.
    • Advanced mesh surfacing with precise controls, complemented by a full CAD system for creating solid models for further inspection, manufacturing, or tool creation.
  5. Before and After with Quick Surface:

    • Transform mesh data from scans into meticulous planning.
    • Navigate through Quick Surface quad mesh and fit analysis.
    • Result? Final NURBS surfaces flawlessly integrated into Verisurf.
  6. Learn with Quick Surface: Enroll in our online training, a collaboration between OPEN X and VERISURF. Master skills like:

    • Preparing meshes and repairing sheet metal.
    • Reducing deviations and mastering the art of snapping & extrapolation.
    • Handling manipulators, filling, smoothing, and more.

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