Victrex AM200 PAEK

SKU: 1008-0009

Victrex AM200 PAEK Filament - 500g

This filament is essentially PEEK -- made by the same original manufacturers, Victrex, they've taken the material properties and expanded the temperature window for layer adhesion and crystallization -- essentially, making it far easier to print than PEEK, with nearly the same properties, and far better layer adhesion.

The trouble with FDM 3D Printing regular PEEK (like 450g, 380g, and other injection-molding grades) is mostly in the crystallization -- if you don't have exactly-perfect layer dwell times, cooling times, and extrusion temperatures, the parts will not have optimal layer adhesion. This is due to the nature of PEEK having a 5-10ºC window for optimal adhesion and crystallization. 

This new PAEK formula takes that 5-10ºC window and widens it to around 25ºC, and also moves it far up the curve, closer to the melting temperature (see figure 5) -- all in all, this means that when you squeeze it out of a nozzle, it flows better, has better layer adhesion, and far more consistent crystallinity after printing. It can also be printed amorphous and annealed, significantly easier than PEEK. When it comes to annealing, of course, always keep in mind that parts can shift and move in unexpected ways, so at Vision Miner, we always prefer to print with full crystallinity -- whether in our Funmat HT's or AON M2's, the AM200 filament from Victrex is a game changer.