3D printed car parts. I’m sure you’ve seen little trinkets and accessories and maybe at most, custom low temp printed shift knobs for manual cars. Heck the 3D printing nerd even did a video on how it held up in his car. But what he have here today is entirely functional, durable and made in CF Nylon which means it can be printed on just about any mid grade 3D printer. Today I get to sit down with Erik, the creator of the DarkMatterX shifter that will soon be available to WRX and STI owners looking for one of the most innovative shifters on the market.

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0:00 - Intro
0:28 - Erik and DarkMatterX
3:57 - 3D Printing's Advantage
6:44 - Checking out the car
8:47 - Rob's Test Drive
9:07 - End

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