ThermaX PEI Filament made with ULTEM 9085 is really just ULTEM 9085 from SABIC, also known as Polyetherimide, an ultra-performance filament known for its low smoke toxicity, high flame and heat resistance, and fantastic strength at elevated temperatures. This ULTEM 9085 makes it a great material in industries like medical, electronic, and manufacturing, due to it’s extreme strength, FST ratings, and relative ease of printing.

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Ultem 9085’s high strength-to-weight ratio mixed with decent chemical and UV stability makes it perfect for metal-replacement in automotive, aerospace, and other industrial sectors.
Ultem 9085 has been configured into customized lightweight tools, prototypes, and housing parts. Formula SAE used Ultem 9085 parts for exhaust & intake manifolds, as well as brackets and electronic components. NASA and other space agencies often use 9085 due to it’s low-outgassing and low-temperature performance -- low-temp being -60C.
Commercial Airlines also use 9085 for interior parts like table trays, overhead bins, and walls -- again due to the UL94 V-0 Flammability rating and low-offgassing properties. If you’re trapped in a burning plane, it’s one of the best materials to have around, as it will hardly burn and will self-extinguish. Demonstration of that in a few moments!


Print Temperature: 350 - 380°C
Bed Temperature: 140 - 160°C - for adhesive, our Nano Polymer Adhesive works great!
Chamber Temperature: 90-180ºC -- Really important for big parts because this stuff loves to WARP!

Drying: yes, you MUST dry this filament. Like almost every thermoplastic, this does need to be dried thoroughly before processing, which is the fancy word for melting.

Drying Kits can be found here:

For Tensile strength, you get around 54 MPa on the ISO 527 standard, not to be confused with the 2200MPa on the ASTM D638 standard, but keep in mind the way your part is designed and the orientation at which it’s printed will have a dramatic effect on strength. You’ll lose a certain percentage in the z-axis, depending how the part is printed.

Heat Deflect Temp:
TG: 186°C
Melt Point: 280-310C
Annealable: Yes
Annealing gives parts additional strength, however time spent mastering Ultem 9085 can yield parts with passable strength without annealing.
ThermaX PEI with 9085 is an amorphous substance.
All data sheets are available on our online store, at, so you can find the tensile modulus, elongation, impact strength, and more.

Resistance to gamma and UV radiation makes Ultem 9085 a quality material for both repeated outdoor exposure along with sterilization and cleaning techniques.
Hydrolytic Resistance: Ultem 9085 parts do not absorb water after printing, so it can be used underwater or in wet environments.
Ultem 9085 received a 100% success rate in tests for Autoclave, Gamma Radiation, and three other sterility tests performed by Stratasys to evaluate sterilization capacity of material.
Ultem 9085 provides resistance in a wide range of chemicals like automotive fluids (think gasoline and hydrocarbons), alcohol solutions, along with water, weak bases, gasolines, windshield washer fluid, and moderate exposures to strong bases, weak acids, greases, motor oil, antifreeze, and more.
This material is an insulator, with a Stable dielectric constant of 2.97 - 3.04 and dissipation factor of 0.004, over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies

ULTEM 9085 meets MIL Standard 810g for Fungal resistance in extreme environments
9085 also has the UL94 V-0 FST Rating, making it super popular with aerospace applications.
Low smoke generation makes this fantastic for any high-temperature application, especially around flames.
It can be sterilized in the standard methods, from Autoclave to ETo Gas, Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma, Gamma Radiation, and more.

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