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Robot Skin 3D Printer Close to First-in-Human Clinical Trials https://3dprint.com/272242/robot-skin-3d-printer-close-to-first-in-human-clinical-trials/

- In 2 years 3D printers could be treating burns and wounds with a patient’s own skin cells. Australian biotech start-up Inventia Life Science has received major investments from Australian government, renowned burns expert Fiona Wood and leading bioprinting researcher Gordon Wallace. This was one of 21 initiatives to receive government support through BioMedTech Horizons program
- The system is codenamed “Ligo” (“to bind” in Latin) - and is expected to revolutionize wound repair
-- Prints tiny droplets containing patient’s skin cells and biomaterial directly onto wound
-- Recreates functional and aesthetically normal skin
-- Can be achieved in a single procedure - reducing treatment cost, hospital stays and minimizing infection risk
- “When we started Inventia Life Science, our vision was to create a technology platform with the potential to bring enormous benefit to human health. We are pleased to see how fast that vision is progressing alongside our fantastic collaborators. This Federal Government support will definitely help us accelerate even faster,” said Dr. Julio Ribeiro, CEO, and co-founder of Inventia.

US Air Force Sponsors Development of 3D Printed Runway Mat

- (Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies) has been working with a Purdue University professor, Pablo Zavattieri, to develop a unique 3D printed runway mat for Expeditionary Airfields for US Air Force (https://www.3dnatives.com/en/us-air-force-ge-collaboration-180520205/). They are designed to be placed on weaker ground surfaces to enable military aircraft to land and take off. For decades, the United States military was using a portable runway made with an aluminum plank matting, AM-2. This matting has served them well since the Vietnam War, but the materials and technology are outdated. ITAMCO also used an EOS M290 3D printer (https://www.3dnatives.com/en/3D-compare) to manufacture the runway
- Professor Zavattieri, explained, “Products made with PXCM geometry have the ability to change from one stable configuration to another stable or metastable configuration and back again. This means the new runway mat could potentially heal itself, resulting in a much longer life span than a runway made with AM-2 matting. Another benefit is that debris on the runway will not hamper the runway’s performance with our technology.”

Formnext 2020 CANCELLED - ZOOM Online Only

- Formnext (https://formnext.mesago.com/frankfurt/en.html), the 3D printing industry’s leading European trade show, has announced that its 2020 event will be held entirely online from 10 – 13 November.
- Mesago Messe Frankfurt (https://corporate.mesago.com/events/de.html), in light of rising coronavirus infection rates and ongoing health concerns, has decided that it would be “impossible” to hold a physical event in Frankfurt, where the show usually takes place. There are also concerns over the abundance of travel restrictions currently in place, which may make it difficult for exhibitors and attendees alike to experience Formnext in person.
- The restructured digital event has been renamed to Formnext Connect. Much like the original event, Formnext Connect aims to provide a comprehensive exhibitor and product presentation platform for both veterans and newcomers in the additive manufacturing industry.

3D Printed Guns: where are we now?

- It all started in 2012, when a man named Cody Wilson revealed his plan to make the design of firearms open-source so that everyone could print a weapon at home. For this purpose, he founded an organization, Defense Distributed, with its own online platform called Defcad. Wilson identifies it not as a tech business, but rather a “nonprofit defense organization”, whose purpose is to fight against government censorship.
- In 2013, the very first CAD (computer-aided design) gun file became available online, which you could download for free, everywhere in the world. The digital file immediately went viral, with more than 100,000 downloads in just 2 days.
- Since then, legal battles have raged, and courts don’t entirely agree on what’s legal and illegal yet. Gun activists, including Defense Distributed and Deterrence Dispensed, refer to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, « A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed». So, the legal battle between gun activists and the US Government still goes on today.

How does the news of Desktop Metal’s IPO affect the industry?

- Michael Petch of 3D Printing Industry went out and asked several experts for their perspective on the move and commented on the underlying forces of reshoring manufacturing, supply chain flexibility, and distributed manufacturing
- Arno Held, Chief Venture Officer of AM Ventures, states: “This is a very bold move from Desktop Metal in very uncertain times but I think that is the right one for the fast-growing unicorn. Taking this step will show how much investors are convinced that AM is the way out of the current crisis. It will bring new funds into our industry and – as a result – will help everyone to achieve the next levels of innovation and turn AM into a real mass manufacturing technology.”
- John Hartner, CEO of ExOne, said “ExOne welcomes all of the attention new competitors are bringing into the binder jet 3D printing space we commercialized in 1998. Together, Desktop Metal, HP, and GE are helping to drive awareness of the incredible speed, sustainability, and innovation benefits that binder jet 3D printing has to offer manufacturers.”

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