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Solid State Batteries Safer, Less Expensive and Higher Energy Density When 3D Printed

Blackstone Resources AG just announced that it’s reached several big milestones in its quest to fabricate lithium ion solid-state batteries with its proprietary 3D printing technology. They can reduce the amount of materials like aluminum and copper, by up to 10%.

WASP launches Delta WASP 4070 TECH for PEEK 3D printing

WASP launches a high temp delta style fdm machine capable of 500C on the nozzle and 300C on the bed. WASP will also offer a PEEK 3D printing service where engineers will be able to assist customers in choosing materials and refining process parameters. 

Warren Buffett’s 6 Billion Dollar Investment in 3D Printing

Buffet has invested $6 Billion on 5 of Japan’s century old trading companies: Mitsui & Co. Ltd, Marubeni corp, Mitsubishi Corp, Itochu Corp, Sumitomo Corp. Berkshire Hathaway, has acquired slightly more than 5% of the shares in these established Japanese investment firms, via its National Indemnity Company subsidiary. 

World’s First 3D Printed Hockey Helmet Liner Approved for the NHL

Using Carbon’s DLS technology, CCM was able to design the Super Tacks X helmets. The new helmets are lined with a 3d printed lattice. Carbon’s structure allows for thousands of struts to be engineered to counter the physical impacts. The plan is to make the helmets available for all NHL players in the 2021 season and for the general public as well! 

US Firm to start 3D Printing Kidneys with Israeli Technology

United Therapeutics paid $3 million to license CollPlant’s collagen and Bioink technology to print kidneys. Nearly 92,000 Americans were waiting for life-saving kidney donations as of Sept. 21.

Team Penske and Stratasys Renew Partnership for 3D Printed Race Car Parts

Team Penske has been around for over 50 years, and has netted more than 500 victories, 37 of which were national championships. Over 70 of those wins, and 5 of the championships, came during its partnership with Stratasys. Penske creates end use parts, tooling, fixtures, and prototypes for its cars and pit equipment.  


News Blitz!

NASA 3D prints a rocket engine for its Artemis exploration mission

Dutch designer uses 3D scanning  and 3D printing to create custom-sized bras

Sandvik Partners With Gsd Global To 3d Print Titanium Motor Nodes For E-bikes

The list of bicycles made with 3D printing technologies

Partnership between Henkel and Keystone to advance dental AM solutions!

Researchers develop 3D printing method for milk!

Researchers create a 3D printed neural implant!

Boeing And Nmis Launch £11.8m R&d Program To Advance Manufacturing In Scotland

Etteplan Develops ‘groundbreaking’ Tool For Estimating 3d Printing Costs

Exone Launches Innoventpro Metal 3d Printer And X1d1 Automated Guided Vehicle

BCN3D Launches their line of Next Gen 3D Printers

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