Desktop Metal has just qualified 316L Stainless steel for their production system platform, expanding their lineup of printable metals. Wow. As if this company couldn’t be more impressive. 316L Stainless steel is well suited for demanding applications due to its corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties at extreme temperatures. This makes it very suitable for marine or pharmaceutical processing environments, food preparation equipment, medical devices and surgical tooling.This material also boasts excellent weldability through standard and fusion resistance methods.

Desktop Metal’s material science team has validated the new material to the MPIF 35 standards for structural powder metallurgy parts set by the Metal Powder Industries Federation.

316L Stainless steel has a number of key applications and Desktop Metal shared a few of them with their press release. The company printed rocker arms for an outboard marine engine and managed to redesign the part with lower weight and a smaller footprint versus standard cast alternatives while still maintaining strength and stiffness. The P-50 production system is capable of producing more than a thousand of these parts a day when compared to 8 to 14 week lead times from traditional manufacturing.

Jonah Myerberg, co-founder and CTO of Desktop Metal, says “The qualification of 316L stainless steel with leading mechanical properties on the Production System platform is part of our aggressive roadmap to support an array of materials for binder jetting and a testament to the advantages of SPJ technology, which enables mass production throughput without sacrificing part performance and repeatability,” “With 316L..., businesses will now be able to leverage additive manufacturing to produce complex, end-use parts suitable for use in harsh environments at volumes and costs competitive with conventional manufacturing”. Desktop Metal is one of the coolest printer manufacturers and it's great to see them continuing to build upon their already impressive offerings.

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