Vision Miner 3D Printing News! December 9, 2020

CERN & 3D Systems 3D Print Parts For The Large Hadron Collider
Engineers at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) sought to develop a series of cool bars for reducing the temperature of the system for the LHC Beauty (LHCb) experiments for collecting and tracking particles from the LHC. The resulting parts are topology optimized, 3D printed and capable of cooling the system to -40˚C.

ESPRIT And Alma Partner For End-to-end Programming For Robot Additive DED

DP Technology has entered into a partnership with Almacam to create a complete programming offering for robot additive Direct Energy Deposition (DED). The technology partnership will produce a complete workflow software equipping users with dedicated additive toolpath planning and programming. 

FC Barcelona Joins ‘Triankle’ Project To Trial Regenerative 3D Bioprinted Ankle Implants

FC Barcelona’s R&D lab, Barça Innovation Hub, has joined the EU-backed ‘TRIANGLE’ project to help test its upcoming 3D bioprinted ankle implants. With 12 companies in the group, including bioprinting firm CELLINK, they are developing collagen-based cell grafts to reduce recovery times by up to 50%. 

Renault To Transform Paris Site Into ‘re-factory’ Circular Automotive Production Line

The multinational car manufacturer has announced that it’s creating an ‘Re-Factory’ that’s dedicated entirely to sustainable automotive production. The facility will focus on reducing waste and retrofitting vehicles, as well as offering a 3D-printed-spare-parts service.

LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 3D Printing Custom Glass Lenses via Direct Ink Writing Technology

A team of researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have used multi-material 3D printing, namely direct ink writing (DIW), to fabricate customized gradient refractive index (GRIN) glass optics. The LLNL scientists believe their approach can offer unseen design flexibility for glass-based parts, and see potential applications in military optics and virtual reality eyewear.



Volkswagen Enhances Automotive Design with 3D Printing!

SavorEat and Meat-Tech 3D the Advance Israeli 3D Printed Food Sector

Zurich Scientists Develop 3D Printed Microbots for Drug Delivery Inside the Human Body

Mitsubishi Concludes Metal Powder Licensing Agreement in Lead Up to Full-scale AM Business Roll-out

Sinterit Launches New PA11 ESD 3D Printing Material

3DPBM's New December Report on Trends for the 2021 Additive Industry

UpNano Develops High-resolution Desktop 3D Printing for Micro Parts

Meltio Launches 3D Printing Toolhead to Enable Hybrid Manufacturing

Siemens Uses AM to Create a Turbine Blade with Internal Cooling Channels and Improved Efficiency


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