3D Printing in SPACE, in CARS, in FOOD, and more!

IKEA has just released some 3D Printable files to AMP UP your FREKVENS speakers! Created in partnership with Teenage Engineering, the collection includes audio and light systems designed to keep the party going at home.

Porsche partners with SLM to 3D print a new E-drive component for a front axle. It's basically a housing that holds the electronics, transmission and electric motor. They designed a proof of concept for a topology optimized part and printed it using SLM’s 12-laser machine in 21 hours.

Next we've got the new CT5-V from Cadillac featuring a manual transmission -- made possible by 3D Printing! Now, while we haven't found many details, according to Cadillac they essentially cut costs and waste by using 3D printing to develop a gearbox that's "quieter" and "more durable," The shifter stick also gets a nifty 3D-printed medallion on top.

General Motors has opened an entirely new Additive Industrialization Center to increase agility of their production lines! It's a Multi-machine facility, with all types of printers, and they see it as transformational for product development, motorsports and manufacturing --- from SLS, SLM, MJF to FDM, they've got it all.

Next, more on BMW -- they're showing off more of Rolls Royce’s serially-3D-printed automotive parts and processes -- at THEIR additive manufacturing campus. They're focused this time on a large batch of DfAM optimized and serially 3D printed automotive metal parts.

Aptera Motors Launch 3D Printed Self-Charging Electric Vehicle -- last week, they opened preorders for their new never-charge solar electric vehicle, Aptera, the most energy efficient vehicle available on the market. It combines metal 3d Printing, solar and electric power, and aerodynamic design and is set to be delivered by 2021. https://www.3dnatives.com/en/aptera-motors-launch-3d-printed-self-charging-electric-vehicle-151220205/#!

INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT printer bridges spare part delivery gap for ABRIGO Medical. When their packaging line went down, spare parts were 8 weeks away -- for some simple little pulleys -- instead, they used the Funmat HT to print it in ULTEM 1010 to last millions of cycles and got the machines back up and running in a matter of days. https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/intamsys-funmat-ht-printer-bridges-spare-part-delivery-gap-for-abrigo-medical-181513/

Michelin-starred Restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona shows how they use the Foodini food 3D printer by Natural Machines to make shapes that would not be possible by hand. https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/michelin-starred-chefs-hermanos-torres-show-how-they-use-the-foodini-3d-printer/

Redwire has Successfully Printed a Ceramic Turbine Part -- in Orbit! Taking turbine parts development to the next level, Redwire recently announced that they manufactured a single-piece ceramic turbine blisk in space for the first time.

NEXT, a french nuclear company, Framatome, recently made the world’s first uranium objects using 3D printing. This technological leap advances the development and production of metallic uranium fuel plates for research reactors and irradiation targets for medical isotopes widely used by hospitals for the diagnosis of cancer. https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/framatome-prints-metallic-uranium-fuel-objects-at-cril/

And we've also got a video -- Inside the state-of-the-art Sandvik atomization plant for titanium. This EIGA atomizer runs on 100% renewable energy to make their Osprey metal powders for 3D Printing. https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/inside-the-state-of-the-art-sandvik-atomization-plant-for-titanium-powder/

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