We're excited to announce that we now carry an all-new line of high-performance industrial 3D printers created by US-based CINCINNATI Incorporated!

CINCINNATI, we’re happy to welcome your SAAM HT (Small-Area Additive Manufacturing, High-Temperature) to our industrial line-up!

The SAAM HT by CINCINNATI Inc. can print with virtually any filament from PEEK to Nylon, at a resolution of just 11 microns. By harnessing temperatures of 500°C in the printing head, 250°C heated bed, and a heated chamber capable of reaching 110ºC, the SAAM HT can print nearly any part you need.

Not only that, but it's got an auto-part ejection system to keep you printing day and night. 

On top of it all, they're based in the good ol' USA -- that means, when you need support, you've got a world-class team there to help you -- on TOP of Vision Miner's acclaimed support and servie!

What really sets the SAAM HT apart from other companies is a combination of the following rare and key benefits:

- A Production-Ready Part Maker: SAAM HT’s can make parts out of tough materials like PEEK & PEI that are ready for use and installation as soon as you’re done printing

- Cloud-Enabled Printing: You can bring your manufacturing into the 21st century by sending parts over WiFi instead of fumbling around with USBs or external drives

- 24/7 Continuous 3D Printing: Using CI’s patented Automated Ejection System, you can leave your SAAM printing 24/7 as the machine automatically removes finished prints and starts new jobs without user intervention.

- US-Based Dedicated Support: You’ll get guaranteed 24/7 support from CINCINNATI, a 120-year-old US-based manufacturing firm, and not from some overseas manufacturer.

Starting at $20,000.00 for the SAAM HT and $23,499.00 with the auto-ejection system, these all-new industrial 3D printers are now available at Vision Miner!

If you’re at all interested and want to learn more about the SAAM HT, the low-temperature SAAM, or CINCINNATI’s large-scale Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) unit, don’t ever hesitate to call us (1-833-774-6863), email us (contact@visionminer.com), or visit our website (www.visionminer.com).