Efficient Solutions For Parts Cleaning And Surface Processing

The technology embodied in Ecoclean 179W KVI systems reflects their extensive eexperience with cleaning equipment combining injection flood washing, spray cleaning and vacuum drying in a single chamber. With over 100 systems sold, they have amply demonstrated with the performance of this technology and the Ecoclean pilot is also optimized through many trials: With a combination of spray and injection flood cleaning, both the outer sides and the most difficult holes and cavities inside the work pieces are thoroughly cleaned. The subsequent high-speed air blowing cycle dries off most of the adhering cleaning medium. Vacuum drying removes any residual moisture from cavities and recesses in the workpiece.


Complex-shaped workpieces on product carriers

Engine parts such as cylinder heads and crankcases

Large, bulky parts

Technology and Methods


Flow washing: The workpiece is flushed with a flow of the cleaning medium

Spray cleaning: A spray jet of 15 bar pressure is directed directly at the workpiece

Injection flood washing: The working chamber is flooded with cleaning medium. Turbulent flows are generated by a high-pressure pump via special nozzle systems. The resulting flow movements ensure that the product is thoroughly cleaned both externally and in hidden recesses and cavities


Blow drying: Application of blowing air to the parts, delivered by a fan. The dehumidified air already has a very good drying effect. On workpieces of simple geometry, this may be enough to achieve complete drying

Vacuum drying: Ensures 100% drying, even with complex shaped workpieces

SBS Ecoclean develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Our technology and service are trusted by our customers from the automotive industry and their suppliers as well as customers from the broad industrial market – from manufacturers of parts and components for medical and optical technology to the aircraft industry.

Improved cleaning for less investment cost

Meeting stricter cleanliness standards within the same cycle time – to meet this requirement repeatably in cleaning diesel engine crankcases, a German automotive manufacturer fitted its robot cells with EcoCdry high-efficiency vacuum driers made by Ecoclean. The units eliminate the need for pre-drying inside the cell, thus freeing valuable cycle time for the actual cleaning and high-pressure deburring treatment.

In the automotive industry, engine and transmission parts are often subjected to high-pressure deburring and cleaning. These operations are carried out in cells affording a high degree of flexibility to process workpieces such as cylinder heads, engine blocks and crankcases to high cleanliness standards within short cycle times. If the requirements on residual contamination are raised, e.g., for a new engine generation, the robot will need more time to clean and debur the part in the cell. Accordingly, additional robot cells will become necessary in most cases since the assembly line timing is set to a given throughput. Such was the situation faced by a major German automotive manufacturer, but the company found a more efficient solution in cooperation with Ecoclean of Monschau.

Dependable drying via effective vacuum technology

Apart from the commonly used vacuum pump, the EcoCdry possesses an additional accumulator vessel in which a vacuum is perpetually generated by the pump. Since the pump runs continuously anyway due to the rapid cycle times used in automotive manufacturing, this feature involves no additional energy consumption but merely makes more efficient use of the power input.

The crankcase is placed in the vacuum chamber by a gantry loader. Next, the chamber is closed and then evacuated abruptly. This creates a vacuum of around 500 mbar within one second. A very strong airflow will form as a result. The water adhering to the part is literally "sucked" off the surface and piped into a tank. For reliable drying of the part, the existing vacuum is then raised to 30 mbar.

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