Today Jay shows off some of the prints we did for the testing labs over at Solvay -- they sent out their new filaments for testing, and we printed 150+ parts to tune them all in for the highest strength.

3D Printing in high-temperature materials can be very difficult, as the difference between the general environment and the extruding plastic + chamber are so vast, there is a lot more to go wrong. With a good machine, and a bit of tuning knowledge, however, you can still do a lot!

The vertical bars, for example, were printed 3x at a time --- this allowed the tiny layers to cool just enough in between, to prevent melting, but still allowed the part to remain hot enough for good layer bonding and dimensional accuracy.

We'll share the test results when they get back, but for now, that's the basics!

Let us know if you have questions or comments in the section below, and have a positive rest of your day!

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