Here at Vision Miner, we love Fabbaloo. These guys consistently put out great content, are extremely informative, and most of all, they keep it fun. Check out some tips below, and be sure to see the full article on their website.


  1. Short layers - slow down, or increase cooling
  2. Overhangs/Bridges - Lower the layer height, increase cooling - also slow down.
  3. Clean your Nozzle - cleaning filament, brushes, micro-drillbits (careful on the Olsson Ruby!)
  4. Smooth Supports - increase Upper Vertical Separation
  5. Smooth Surface - lower layer height
  6. High-Quality Filament - fresh, and tight-tolerance filament will significantly increase finish quality!
  7. Dry your Filament - Old filament is the bane of good prints. Dry it in a dehydrator or oven first!
  8. Acetone / Wet Sanding - sandpaper may be low-tech, but it still gives high-quality finishes!
  9. Filler / Primer - simply fill in the gaps!


Hopefully this guide helps a bit, giving insight to higher-quality prints. The best solution, of course, is a high-quality 3D Printer to start out with, so check out our Performance 3D Printers in the shop. These puppies are ridiculous, so if you're looking to upgrade, now is the time. 

Make it in America!


tips via Fabbaloo