The AON-M2 Printer “Your Smartest Business Purchase”

Vision Miner explains how AON3D’s newest 3D Printer can change your business in 2019!

Did someone say, “High-Temperatures, Dual Extruders, 18”x18”x25” Build Area, and Automated Bed Leveling?” ALL IN ONE?

AON3D’s AON-M2 is packed with business-oriented benefits, to cut lead times and overhead costs. What are you waiting for?

Check out our article on the AON-M2 to learn more about what could be your smartest business purchase yet!

This year, AON3D released the all-new AON-M2, and Vision Miner believes this machine will impact the way your business uses 3D printers in 2019.

You'll appreciate the new AON-M2 s dual-extrusion feature, the ability to handle any two materials at once! Don't waste expensive rolls of PEEK on support structures. Instead, your engineers can use less-expensive ABS or PLA, in combination with high-performance plastics, to design complex parts and decrease overhead.

On top of this, the AON-M2 features a massive print volume of 18”x18”x25”! Forget spending dozens of man-hours, working within a tiny 10”x 10” print area. Vision Miner views larger print areas and volumes as cost-saving measures.

We can tune a large machine to print 25 parts at once, rather than 10 parts, 3 times in a row. Time-efficient machines mean more cost-efficient manufacturing, and the AON-M2 hits its stride in that department.

Keep in mind, the M2 gives you batch production possibilities and dual-extrusion, in addition to a mind-blowing 120ºC (140ºC in testing) heated chamber! Both the bed and the ambient air temperature can be adjusted for high-performance polymers, like PEEK, Ultem, PEKK. These heat elements work to eliminate warping and curling. Along with heat capacity, the M2 features liquid cooling, to extend component lifetimes and better control temperatures near the nozzle.

In addition, forget spending hours manually leveling your 3D printer bed. The M2 printer utilizes AON3D’s “Adaptive Mesh Leveling,” which adjusts your bed automatically, without manual input.

Examine each technical M2 feature separately and see an impressive total:

1) Dual-extrusion gives greater flexibility of parts possible.

2) High-temperature components give access to PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem filaments.

3) Large volume makes batch production a reality.

All these M2 features equal an FDM 3D printer a cut above the rest!

The cherry on top of this superb M2 machine is that AON3D manufactures and supports it in North America. Most competitors of the M2 are manufactured internationally or charge lots for quality customer support. However, AON3D takes the time to support your machine personally, without charging an-arm-and-a-leg. 

AON3D’s company culture emphasizes “customer success.”. The M2 team is a group of material scientists and engineers, dedicated to help you. This goal is so deeply-rooted that AON3D will not sell the M2 to everyone requesting it. Instead, they ensure that each potential customer has the right resources, use case, and experience, for them to quickly be as successful as possible with the M2.

Still not sure about the AON-M2? Check out this video and see how AON3D feels about it!


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What is the price of this machine and where can I order one?

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Please send us a sample as well as a quote for this model

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