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Welcome back  to the channel!! Today, we need your help -- 

We’ve been nominated by 3D Printing Industry for Value Added Reseller of the Year -- firstly, THANK YOU, since this was a public nomination, so people actually nominated us, not just a paid awards show like many others -- secondly, THANK YOU for being customers so that we could get there in the first place, and thirdly, THANK YOU for helping vote us to the win on this one!

All you’ll need to do is go to the link above, scroll down the page a little bit, and fill out the form on their page. There are about 20 categories, for all kinds of additive manufacturing awards, so it only takes a couple minutes, and we’d REALLY really appreciate it. 

Really, it’s just an honor to be on the list, going for the last 4 years from a small room to an entire facility, it really feels good to see that our customers and fans appreciate what we do enough to get us up on there, and without all of you, we TRULY would not be here. 

We’ve always been focused on providing high quality, high performance equipment, for 3D Printing materials like PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU, 3D scanning, and now even more technologies --  keeping the best brands in the field in stock, while at the same time developing our own in-house solutions like Nano Polymer Adhesive and our Carbon Fiber buildplates -- we’re here to serve you guys, and we’re honored to be on this list!

Just head on over to that page, scroll down a bit to check out all the cool companies doing great things in the industry -- 3D Alliances,  @Relativity Space ,  @Velo3D  , AON3D , AMT,  @SHINING 3D , 6K Additive  , Chimera3D, our dealers 3DJake, @Slice Engineering  , fellow youtubers @Integza  and @Uncle Jessy and everyone else we missed -- congrats, and way to make a difference in the industry!

Anyway, thank you all for choosing Vision Miner, whether you’re a customer, subscriber, or just a fan, and ask you all to vote for us by October 20th by clicking the link that’s on the screen right now. It would help us out a lot!