Vision Miner 3D Printing News Episode #11: Formnext 2020 Overview & Highlights!

00:00 Intro
00:23 Ultimaker 2+ Connect

This latest version adds Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to use their Digital Factory software. They also unveiled Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager for added fume extraction capability.

01:40 Mimaki: Full-Color

“Entry level” Full color UV-LED 3D printer 3DUJ-2207 3D printer. 10 million full color ICC profiles available for Mimaki’s machines. Applicable for scaled models, prototyping, medical applications, education, figurines, etc.

02:34 Titan Robotics Atlas 3.6

The Atlas 3.6 is their largest pellet extrusion printer to date with a 50x50x72 in build volume. This means it’s capable of printing parts up to 6 ft tall. It has an actively heated chamber up to 80C.

03:28 Optomec CS250 and HC TBR

2 new LENS additive manufacturing systems (DED technology). Both feature 250 x 250 x 250mm build volumes. Both come with their next gen print head features the ability to change the laser’s size and intensity during printing

04:15 SLM Solutions NXG xii 600 Metal Printer

SLM’s newest large-format machine comes with 12 1KW lasers that can operate simultaneously. This means it's up to 20x faster than their single laser SLM 280 model. The printer was designed for mass production of large parts with its enhanced size and speed. 600 x 600 x 600mm build envelope.

05:02 Interspectral AM Explorer Visualization

Designed for working with layer based metal additive manufacturing and has the ability to fuse, explore and analyze design files, simulation data, machine monitoring data, and post-build metrology data from the metal additive manufacturing process.

05:37 4D_Additive Print Preparation Program Update

Allows users to quickly and easily create latticed parts. Users can fabricate a range of complex, lightweight objects like implants

05:53 Shining 3D Scanners

Shining 3D unveiled a new fully automatic desktop 3D inspection scanner with high accuracy 3D scanning and inspection capability as well as the EinScan H and HX Handheld color 3D scanners.

06:19 Oqton and EOS “Seamless AM Workflow”

Oqton announced support for EOS in their AI driven factory operating system.

06:35 Essentium Filaments

TPU 58D-AS is an electrostatic discharge safe and available in a range of colors. High impact strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance. Essentium has indicated the material is ideal for space vehicles and satellite components specifically for no fly parts which must be both red and ESD safe. PET-CF is a 15% fiber reinforced polyester composite based on the Luvocom 3F resin from LEHVOSS Group capable of withstanding temperatures higher than 155C when annealed.

07:58 Fehrmann Alloy’s AlMgty-90

AlMgty-family is a series of high-performance aluminum powder with excellent mechanical properties and can be anodized, while being polishable and seawater resistant. Claims of increased strength, 25% higher hardness than its predecessor, a tensile strength of more than 400MPa, elongation at break of less than 25% and a density of 99%

08:32 Evonik & HP Elastomer

High performance flexible powder for additive manufacturing based on Thermoplastic amide grade (TPA). It is a flexible and lightweight material characterized by very low density and a Shore A hardness of 91.

08:55 DSM Ecopaxx

DSM announced a bio-based 3D printing polymer called EcoPaXX AM4001 GF. It contains 42% organic content from castor plants and has “excellent” thermal and mechanical properties. DSM says it's a great solution for creating lightweight automotive parts.

09:21 Nexa3D All Purpose and Casting Resins

Henkel and Nexa3D have released a new general purpose xPRO410 photopolymer resin is based on Henkel’s Loctite. xPRO410 is optimized for Nexa3D’s NXE400 SLA printer. It is able to maintain accuracy within 0.2% and withstanding temperatures of up to 70C. Also announced was the xCast resin was designed for series production of precision metal investment casting patterns as a faster, toolless alternative to traditional pattern manufacturing. It was specifically formulated to facilitate dip-shell and flask-type investment casting

10:18 Tiger Coatings Flame Retardant SLS Powder

Tiger Coatings announced a flame retardant plastic powder for SLS called TIGITAL 3D-Set PPP 371. Designed for end use functional parts for automotive, electronics, transportation and aerospace.

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