Valve and Rocket Lab to Launch Additive Gnome into Space

Valve Software’s Gabe Newell is getting into space exploration. The company will be working with aerospace firm Rocket Lab to launch a 3D printed gnome into space. The stunt is being performed to aid the paediatric unit at Starship Children’s Hospital in New Zealand, and the companies have pledged to donate $1 (USD) for every streamer of the launch within the first 24 hours. The gnome, which will be 150mm of 3D Printed Titanium, is set to be attached to Rocket Lab’s 16th Electron rocket, and launched into space on November 15th 2020.

Formnext is going on during this video, and AMS 2021 is coming up in February 2021 -- check the links in the description, and go register!

How Bugatti 3D Printed Titanium Parts for an Insane Power-to-Weight Ratio

The experimental study of the Bugatti Bolide is a track-oriented hyper sports car featuring a w16 engine combined with a minimal body for maximum downforce. Hollow, thin-walled functional components made of an aerospace titanium alloy are used in many places. These, of course, are 3D printed – and are extremely thin with wall thicknesses of up to 0.5 millimeters. However, they are still very stable with a tensile strength of over 180,000 PSI. Bugatti is not new to using 3D printing in final parts. The company already produced several components by AM, including brake calipers and spoilers.

A Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Fibonacci House by Twente Additive Manufacturing

Twente Additive Manufacturing is a 3D printed concrete startup with a presence in the Netherlands and Canada. Currently, they are working on the finishing touches of a 3D printed house they call the Fibonacci House, because it conforms to the Fibonacci sequence, in its spiral form. This seemingly small structure will have 2 lofted rooms, for the ability to sleep 4. They're also innovating: they're building a mobile printing apparatus with the operational codename ‘Tilikum’, which is a massive robotic arm from ABB, attached to a gantry system, welded to a trailer, so that the entire thing can be towed to any destination.

Desktop Metal is Introducing Live Sinter

Live Sinter is a software solution designed to eliminate the trial and error required to achieve high-accuracy parts, via powder metal-based additive manufacturing processes like binder jetting. Live Sinter not only corrects for the shrinkage and distortion parts typically experience during sintering, but also opens the door for geometries that, without the software, would present significant challenges when sintered.


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