INTAMSYS and Polymaker have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and deliver optimized 3D printing solutions to industrial customers. This new alliance is part of the Printer Manufacturers Partnership Program (PMPP) initiated by Polymaker.

In light of the industry development where extrusion-based 3D printing is increasingly entering into functional prototyping and small-scale manufacturing, the integration of machines and materials will enable both companies to provide excellent system reliability and comprehensive knowledge and support on the performance of printed parts.

The cutting-edge thermal designs of INTAMSYS machines featuring constant temperature build chambers, high-temperature extruders and heated build plates, are ideal for the 3D printing of high-performance functional materials and engineering thermoplastics.

Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS, said, “The close partnership between INTAMSYS and Polymaker is highly synergistic as it combines the expertise and capabilities of both companies to swiftly develop and deliver customized solutions to our customers.”

The key elements of PMPP involve custom development of materials for INTAMSYS printers, extensive testing to optimize the printing profiles as well as to obtain the mechanical/physical data matrix, and creation of technical documents for professional users. Engineers from both companies have teamed up to develop optimized material profiles, detailed technical data sheets and documents, as well as industry-specific solutions.

“As a materials supplier, we can only provide part of the solution; by integrating printer and materials, we can provide more accurate data and full solutions to industrial customers,” said Xiaofan Luo, CEO of Polymaker.

The launch of four Polymaker Industrial™ materials by INTAMSYS marks the commencement of this new Printer Manufacturers Partnership Program between the two partners.

This is fantastic to hear for all our customers. It means that in the future, we will provide materials and profiles that are plug-and-play -- meaning you buy the spool, and you know exactly how it will behave in your Funmat HT. It also goes to show the industrial nature of these machines -- not for your average consumer, but for serious industrial applications.

We're very excited to see the progress made by this partnership in 2018 and beyond -- here's to the advancement of Industrial 3D Printing!