In this video, Patrick gives a detailed overview of WHY we chose INTAMSYS over all the other 3D Printers on the market today. From the rigid, industrial build quality, to the super-detailed accuracy and the high-temperature specifications, this 3D Printer is simply unmatched by any other product on the market. 

For only $5000, this printer is an absolute no-brainer for your business or home, if you're serious about creating functional parts for your projects. Whether you're starting a new business, prototyping for your company, or designing and creating custom pieces in your home, this printer is ready to go into your workspace and start creating, right out of the box. 

Perfect for 3D printer farms, FBO's and airports, machine shops, research and development programs, schools and universities, harbors and many many other businesses, the functional materials like PEEK and PEI are ready to meet your needs. 

PEEK and PEI (generally ULTEM™ 1010 or ULTEM™ 9085 resin, created by SABIC) are medical and aerospace-grade polymers. Extremely durable and strong, these thermoplastics are highly resistant to heat, radioactivity, chemicals and other forces, making them perfect for applications in numerous industries.

These plastics have several requirements met by the Funmat HT -- 450C hotend, 160C heated bed, and a 90C heated chamber. This combination allows proper crystallization, inter-layer adhesion, and accurate dimensions to avoid warping, curling, and other issues common with FDM/FFF 3D Printing. 

Want a new part for your motorcycle? 3D Print it. Need to test-fit prototype parts on a functional unit? Carbon fiber + your favorite thermoplastic.

The possibilities are endless -- get yours and get started today!





Printed Objects in video:
Turbo Shroud:
Scotty Stabilizer:
Fan Shroud:
Lion Ring:
Business Card Holder:

ULTEM™ resin is a trademark of SABIC or it's affiliates or subsidiaries.