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Jabil is continually getting more and more into the Additive market these days, and they've just released a new filament, called PA 0600.

Jabil claims the new material delivers high strength and stiffness required for aerospace, automotive and manufacturing applications. Designed as a replacement for Delrin, or POM, or Acetal, a super widely used material in all these industries, and especially in the manufacturing industry -- they're saying it meets the same general requirements for durable, repetitive-use parts, including gears and screws with detailed threads and knurling.

One of the big claims on this filament is the lack of risk of exposure to formaldehyde emissions when the material is overheated. The new Jabil filament is made without formaldehyde, so there is no release of noxious odors or fumes during printing. This is one of the reasons POM is terrible to print -- if you go 5c too hot, you could be gassing the entire room with toxic fumes. If you haven't tried already, POM is also nearly impossible to print, anything complex -- but hey, don't take my word for it, just do a google search and see people's attempts on forums and message boards -- the stuff just isn't good for 3D Printing.

Now, if we look at the data sheets, it seems their claims are relatively true -- aside from the thermal requirements. There are lots of materials that can "" REPLACE "" POM, but most of them don't have the same thermal resistance of over 100c. Now, I compared a few different data sheets, from Jabil, Sabic, and other manufacturing conglomerate comparison charts... and based on what I found, at 1.8MPa testing, they're less than half the thermal deflection, at around 43c. At the same time, the melting temperature is around the same as POM, so we'll have to see how it really stacks up.
Regardless, it's great news for the manufacturing industry, since it seems like everyone wants to print POM... other options out there, depending what you're looking for, are materials like HTN or PCTG from Essentium, PVDF, PC, and even regular Nylon itself. There's a lot of factors, like machinability, chemical resistance, wear resistance and thermal deflection.... but there's definitely options out there, and I'll have to get my hands on a spool of this to see how well it works!

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