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Basically, Desktop Metal and Uniformity Labs got together and are launching a new sinterable aluminum powder for use in their binder-jetting production system. They're calling it uniformity 6061, which actually MAKES SENSE, unlike a lot of other material names we see. For those not in the know, 6061 aluminum is a very common material, so Uniformity 6061 is an easy-to-understand name for their new printing material.

Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal, states, “This breakthrough represents a major milestone in the development of aluminum for binder jetting and a significant step forward for the AM industry as it is one of the most sought-after materials for use in automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics. The global aluminum castings market is more than $50 billion per year, and it is ripe for disruption with binder jetting AM solutions.”

The new powder will be available on the Desktop Metal Production System in the coming year. This new material is a significant improvement over currently available options, which include coating the powder particles, mixing in different sintering aids, using binders that contain expensive nanoparticles, or adding other metals like lead, tin, or magnesium. Furthermore, this new powder is also compatible with water-based binders and offers a higher minimum ignition energy (MIE) when compared to standard 6061 powders, making it safer to use. If you didn't know, aluminum powder is known to explode under the right... or wrong, conditions.

The new material is expected to unlock a wide variety of applications, including electrical fittings, heat exchangers, vehicle frames, and coupling components.

As you may recall if you're a subscriber, back in December, the company merged Trine Acquisition and went live on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), setting their value at around $2.5 billion, and giving Desktop Metal $580 million in funding. They also BOUGHT envisionTEC, for their DLP technology, and just launched their Studio System 2.0 -- definitely a company and stock to keep an eye on!

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