Rocket Lab was announced to go public with Vector Acquisition Corporation, and will be traded under Nasdaq symbol RKLB, is currently valued at 4.1 BILLION DOLLARS. We've seen a TON of rocket 3D printing in the last year, so it's not much of a surprise they're still on the rise. 


With a database of 1.1 million models and a community of 3.65 million users, CGTrader claims to be the world’s largest 3D content provider, and they're “gearing up for a high-growth stage” after raising $9.5 million in Series B funding. The investment will be used to boost the performance of CGTrader’s online marketplace. While the firm does market some 3D printing files, its core business revolves around the sale of models uploaded by professional designers to clients needing them for graphics, VR/AR, and gaming applications. 


3D Systems and Jabil Announce ‘High Speed Fusion’ 3D Printing System. The HSF system will address demanding aerospace and automotive applications. This includes direct printing for applications including aerospace interiors and ducting, tooling and fixtures for things like automation and robotics tooling, as well as prototyping parts for automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment and general industry support. In a nutshell, they're prepping a system very similar to Essentium's HSE - High Speed Extrusion -- FFF-style 3D Printers. These systems use linear motors, extreme extrusion speeds, up to 1000mm/s -- yes, consistently. Focused on the industrial side of things, like these jigs & fixtures printed on the HSE, they're definitely in a similar space. 


Digital Metal Introduces Pure Copper 3D Printing to Binder Jetting Portfolio. As we saw the other week for SLS technology, Digital Metal is now doing the same with binder jetting. Binder jetting is very much like your inkjet printer, except it builds up the layers, and the "ink" binds together powders from different materials. The bound metal printing (BMP) segment has experienced a great deal of renewed interest due to the activities of such companies as Desktop Metal, Markforged, and ExOne, but we can’t forget about Digital Metal. Though it may be a niche part of the larger metal 3D printing segment, copper is still expected to grow quite significantly. SmarTech Analysis anticipates that 1.4 million kilograms of copper powder, both pure copper and copper alloys, will ship for AM use by 2029.

Ceramic Filament for All! Researchers from the Slovak University of Technology have developed a new ceramic 3D  material that’s designed for use with low-cost FFF machines. The new material can be extruded from standard 0.4 mm nozzles without needing added adhesion or system adjustments. The formulation is also to be post-processed without the use of expensive specialist furnaces, lending it significant potential as a budget-friendly ceramic for would-be hobbyist adopters. By 3D printing ceramics, rather than processing them using traditional production methods like injection molding, it’s possible to create parts with highly-complex internal features.

ORBEX is going to print more than 35 large-scale rocket engines and main-stage turbo-pump systems annually. The company has been working with SLM Solutions systems however the AMCM machines, which are modified versions of EOS’s largest M400 systems, enabling Orbex to print entire components like rocket engines as a single piece. The 3D-printed rocket components will be critical parts of Orbex’s launch vehicle, a 19-meter long “micro launcher” rocket, which is designed to deliver small satellites into polar orbits around the Earth.

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